In memory of Giuseppe Buonocore

On the morning of June 10th, surrounded by the affection and love of his family and the professionalism of many colleagues, Dr. Giuseppe Buonocore passed away. Born in Velletri on 26 June 1940, in the city to which he will always remain linked, he completed his studies at the local classical high school and then graduated in medicine and surgery in 1969 at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome. As an orthopedic doctor he carried out his activity until 1983 at the Colombo hospital in Velletri and the “Città di Aprilia” clinic and subsequently, also as a physiatrist, at the local health authorities of Anzio and Palestrina. In 1978, facing the lack of healthcare in the area, he decided to found the “Orthopedic Physiotherapic Centre” (COF), which has been working to support the health of the Veliterna citizens and beyond for over 40 years. Doctor Buonocore was in fact firmly convinced that public and private healthcare should collaborate by placing themselves at the service of the citizen to support their health and psychophysical well-being.

His wife Marilena and his children Alessia and Vincenzo, in thanking all those who knew and helped him in these last years in which his health had become fluctuating, want to leave a memory of him.

Dear Dad,
It’s the most difficult letter we’ve ever found ourselves writing and it’s also the one that every child would like to postpone indefinitely. Tand you tiptoed away, without fanfare, leaving us an immense void that will be difficult to fill. We are comforted by the support and affection of those who in recent days, having heard the news of your death, have clung to our pain. It is for them and for your beloved grandchildren, Giuseppe and Giulio, that we have decided to write a memory of you. Professionally speaking, you were an extraordinary doctor, one of those of the “old generation”, competent in all aspects of medicine and not only in your specialty, in which you excelled in your spirit of observation, acumen and diagnostic and therapeutic synthesis. This is demonstrated by the fact that, in the practice, we often hear patients say: “… I am undergoing therapies at the Buonocore practice”. We consider this statement a certificate of esteem that repays the many sacrifices made over the years to create a cutting-edge structure in patient care, but which also takes into account the patient as a person in need of attention and listening from those who take charge of his health and well-being.

Personally, what can we say other than considering ourselves lucky people to have had you as a father. Together with mom:

  • You taught us compassion and respect for others, making us understand how unique and precious every being is and how everyone depends on others
  • You taught us the value of courtesy and respect by demonstrating them to us from an early age
  • You taught us the value of friendship, the real one
  • You were there for us when we needed reassurance
  • You have been a guide in difficult times
  • You stepped aside and let us go it alone when the time came
  • You shrunk to our size when we played as children and expanded to great heights when we needed protection
  • You taught us that we learn more from a defeat than from many victories…
  • And now that the roof has burned down you can finally see the stars.

Hi dad we love you…”.

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