Volley A2, Bonitta’s prediction: «The new Consar Ravenna can be stronger than the previous one»

Marco Ortolani
Certainties and news in the press conference full of ideas held in the Consar premises. First of all, the sponsor-owner, the Consar transport consortium, has reconfirmed its commitment, giving the project a continuity which, these days, is a rare commodity, especially in volleyball. The excellent A2 championship, the triumphant victory in the Junior League and the good attendance in the nurseries have encouraged the owner Rosetti and the president Rossi to extend the marriage with the most historic and glorious game in the city. Bonitta still acted as the first point of contact, despite having already booked his ticket to Austin, where from September he will lead one of the new franchises of the American Pro League. He will be “America’s uncle” with a long eye on the events of the team and the club, intact in the full powers that he has exercised in recent years. The 34-year-old Calabrian Antonio Valentini will sit on the bench, already deputy a few seasons ago in Ravenna. A “strictly observant Bonittian”? The interested party does not escape the label: «I have collaborated, and will continue to do so, with Marco, finding myself very well technically and in relationships with the staff and with the city. When they asked me to lead Consar, I think I gave the fastest response of my career.” Valentini will continue the policy of close correlation between the first team and the youth team, with the Junior League entrusted to the reconfirmed Francesco Mollo, present at the conference and rightly proud of his boys who, with the diabolical trick of the double setter, won the title in the Ozzano final against Trento’s traditional rivals. «We managed to make up for the lack of Alessandro Bovolenta – comments Mancini – after the victory we met to toast the Marinamore and we placed the screen between us with the image of him in the video call we were making to him». Bonitta takes the floor to give the latest on the squad: «Manuel Zlatanov has also arrived, who is only 16 years old, but is perhaps one of the strongest Italian players of his age of all time. He won’t be ready to play as a starter straight away, but we are proud that his father Itzko and his mother chose us among the many proposals he had.” «We will not look – adds the sports director from Ravenna – for other foreign players to join the Swede Ekstrand; some Italians are missing (the assistant setter Selleri should be announced shortly, ed.) who we will look for, as always, among the younger ones». With the microphones off, Bonitta himself lets out a joke: «This Consar could be stronger than last year’s». Unfortunately not a word for the farewell to Stefano Mengozzi. The laws of sport are often ruthless, but words can soften them. This time they were missing.

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