Serial rapist, Borgese does not respond to the investigating judge – News

Serial rapist, Borgese does not respond to the investigating judge – News
Serial rapist, Borgese does not respond to the investigating judge – News

He reached the Rome courthouse on foot, alone. In front of the investigating judge decidedHowever, not to answer making use of the power that the suspects have.

Video Rape in Rome, Simone Borgese does not respond to the investigating judge

Simone BorgeseThe 39 year old arrested in recent days by the police for the violence against a student and already convicted for two other episodes, he appeared for a few minutes before the judge for preliminary investigations, Maddalena Cipriani.

“I don’t intend to support the interrogation,” essentially said the man accompanied by his lawyer.

For him the judge ordered house arrest not accepting the request of the Prosecutor’s Office which, instead, had requested prison.

In light of this decision i pm holders of the file they have submitted a request to the Review Court to request the aggravation of the measure.

In the order the judge states that there is a “concrete danger” that Borgese will commit “crimes of the same type as the one being prosecuted”. A danger which, writes the magistrate in the precautionary measure application order, would be “deducible from the methods of conduct, which demonstrate the desire to overwhelm the man which surrounds the circumstance that Borgese has specific precedents”.

Video Rape in Rome, Simone Borgese arrives in court for interrogation

To man it is aggravated sexual assault contested for an episode that occurred on May 8th, the same day in 2015 when he abused a taxi driver. A seriality, a modus operandi that does not make the investigators exclude the possibility that the man is the author of other episodes.

The script of the latest violence that’s pretty much it comparable to the one implemented 11 years ago and cost Borgese a 7 and a half year sentence, already served. Also the area chosen for the attacks: isolated roads very far from Piana del Sole where Borgese.

The ‘confidence’ shown to the student who was approached in broad daylight while she was at the bus stop on Magliana on her way home also made the investigators suspicious.

The attacker approached her with the excuse of asking for some road information and convinced her to get into the car, pretending to have a dead cell phone. She was taken by surprise and seeing him in serious difficulty, she trusted and got on board.
At that point he started making increasingly insistent advances.
He then headed to an isolated area and allegedly abused her.

Only afterwards did he return the smartphone to her and take her back near Villa Bonelli. The girl first confided in a friend then she told everything to her parents. Thanks to the description provided to the officers and the analysis of the images from the video surveillance cameras pointing to the route, he was found.

“The filmers – writes the investigating judge in the order – on the one hand gave feedback to the victim’s story and on the other were used to arrive at the identification of Borgese”.

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