Regional elections, more than 4 seats for the Alessandria people

It will be a remodeled and revolutionized troop, even in terms of balance, that will go to represent the province of Alessandria in the Regional Council in Turin for the next five years. Two “big shots” of the provincial League will remain outside Palazzo Lascaris like Marco Protopapa from Acqui and Vittoria Poggio from Alessandriaamong other things outgoing councilors for Agriculture and Commerce of the Cirio council, who were crushed by the defeat of the League which also occurred in Piedmont: Poggio did not go beyond 1,513 preferences and for Protopapa its considerable 3,222 were not enough. The Carroccio will have to settle for just one seat and it will be that of Enrico Bussalino, outgoing president of the Province, who surpassed his colleagues with 4,328 preferences.

Here is the composition of the next regional council: the names of those elected in Piedmont

Giulia Ricci

June 11, 2024

The most voted, not only among the Alessandria people, was in any case Federico Riboldi of Fratelli d’Italia, who with his 10,699 votes in favor will take off the tricolor sash as mayor of Casale without too many hesitations, aware of being one of the rising stars of Piedmontese politics (and not only), now very much in the running for a position as councillor: in which case, the FdI candidate from Terruggia, Silvia Raiteri, is already ready to take over as regional councilor.

On the centre-left front, Domenico Ravetti resists and reaches the third legislature, who for the Democratic Party brought 5,276 votes to the presidential candidate Pentenero, albeit unsuccessful in terms of a failed victory: he will be the only trait d’union between the old and new Alexandrian guard in the Regional Council.

Finally, the Pozzolese Pasquale Coluccio of the 5 Star Movement will also find himself with a place in Turin, who ran in the province in support of the presidential candidate of the Five Star Movement Sarah Di Sabato. Only 267 votes were enough for him to win, even if here the reward was the complex triangulation in the distribution of the “remnants” in the “Cirio Presidente” civic list, for which the oncologist from Ovada ran, capable of collecting 2,639 votes: precisely the votes taken by the «Cirio» list in Biella, facilitated by the absence of the Forza Italia team, rewarded the candidate of that province Elena Rocchi and blocked the way to Varese in Alessandria.

For similar mechanisms, now there could be more than one window of opportunity for Davide Buzzi Langhi too of Forza Italia, former deputy mayor of Alessandria, who again thanks to the distribution of the remains could enter the Council if, and it is very probable, the already elected Marco Gabusi is recalled by Cirio to continue in his role as councilor.

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