victory in Montecatini 65-72

Delfes Avellino is officially in Serie A-2 after an extraordinary victory in Montecatini with a score of 65-72. A result the result of determination and talent, which allowed the team to overcome a difficult opponent in a decisive match.

The match started in the best way for the Wolves, masterfully led by Vasl and Bortolin. From the start, Avellino put Montecatini under pressure, starting strong and obtaining an initial lead of 7-14. However, Montecatini immediately reacted with a 12-4 run, thanks to the performances of Dell’Uomo and Arrigoni, rebalancing the match.

Carpanzano increased the lead from the line, followed by Sgobba who brought the score to 23-20. Fresno responded from the line, closing the first quarter at 23-24 for Avellino.

In the second period, Delfes continued to resist the opponents’ attacks. Fresno scored 9 crucial points, but Montecatini, taking advantage of the Natali-Arrigoni axis, created a 4-0 run that forced Avellino to call a timeout. After the suspension, Bortolin scored 4 consecutive points, inflaming the Irpinia fans. Despite this, Chiera and Radunic shattered Avellino’s dreams of glory with decisive plays. At the end of the first half, Avellino still led 39-40, but Chiera’s triple at the siren took a toll on morale.

The third period began with a basket from Bortolin, but the game remained balanced and intense. Montecatini responded promptly with Chiera and Sgobba. Nikolic stood out in the crucial moment of the match, but despite two possessions ahead, Avellino was unable to break away. Fabo returned to the match against Carpanzano, while the hosts committed several infringements. Crotti called timeout to keep the Delfes ranks calm. Lorenzetti made it 53-56 at the siren of the third quarter, keeping hope alive for Montecatini.

In the last period, Delfes has made some mistakes, thanks to the tension and the high stakes. Burini missed several possessions and three-pointers, allowing Montecatini to stay in the game with Arrigoni and Lorenzetti. However, Avellino held its own thanks to Nikolic and Vasl. The match was decided point by point until the last breath: Sgobba scored a decisive triple, while Burini and Chinellato responded with two points each. Avellino managed to hold a three-point lead with 30 seconds left, finishing with the win and the final score of 65-72.

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