Public green spaces, the strategy of the municipal administration of Sansepolcro

Management of urban greenery. A sensitive topic, which is close to the heart of the municipal administration and which is being developed according to very specific strategies in a path that takes into account contingent aspects, reports produced by experts in the sector, and future projects.

“Just thinking that the Municipality proceeded with the felling of plants in Viale Vittorio Veneto” states the councilor delegated for the environment Alessandro Bandini “without due precautions and without the necessary authorizations, is an assertion contrary to logic and good faith. The fellings carried out are the consequence of technical assessments carried out by several companies that we consulted on the subject, and by several experts who thoroughly verified the state of the plants, well documented by the images provided. Therefore, even with the green light from the Superintendence we moved in this direction, by virtue of the priority objective of the safety and protection of people and things”.

“As mayor I care about public green areas, and those who know me know this” declares the mayor Fabrizio Innocenti “however, there are situations that must be faced with institutional courage, also compared to previous administrative managements which preferred to postpone the necessary decisions. Those plants were at high risk of falling and dangerous to public safety, as confirmed by multiple written and detailed reports from technicians we responsibly contacted and appointed. But together with the felling we developed a precise plan for replanting. There will be 23 new trees that will be placed in via Vittorio Veneto. When the end of the work in the area allows us to do so and when nature also allows us to do so, which provides precise times for planting trees. But they will be there, no ifs or buts. Just as other trees will be replanted in various areas of the city.”

“Numerous instrumental tests were carried out on the trunks or at altitude of the trees” comments councilor Riccardo Marzi “Because those that seemed healthy at the base still had cavities at altitude verified through precise tomographies, authentic CT scans on the trees. A mention should also be made of the maintenance carried out in viale Fatti and via Macchiavelli. Contrary to those who speak inappropriately of pollarding, we have developed completely different intervention techniques, namely mowing pruning of the largest but absolutely not pollarded branches. Pollarding is an ancient technique, dating back to the Borgo from the first decades of the twentieth century, applied to urban greenery by importing it from agricultural activities. A technique that over time generates difficulties in the structural recovery of the most natural hair possible. Both in viale Fatti and in via Macchiavelli we therefore adopted a different technique, carrying out a less drastic pruning to reduce the foliage, with the so-called return or nodal cut. Lastly, the critical issues raised in relation to the road encumbrance of Viale Fatti due to the growth at the base of the stems were promptly overcome by cutting the excess vegetation, restoring the original dimension to the road network”.

Source: Press Office of the Municipality of Sansepolcro

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