Laura Da Prato mocks ‘the world upside down’ which got Ilaria Salis elected to the European Parliament

Laura Da Prato mocks ‘the world upside down’ which got Ilaria Salis elected to the European Parliament
Laura Da Prato mocks ‘the world upside down’ which got Ilaria Salis elected to the European Parliament

I would never have believed I would achieve such popularity for an evidently “politically provocative” statement like the one I expressed last night in the Lucca City Council, when I asked the president to hold 1 minute of silence for the election of Mrs. Ilaria Salis to the European Parliament.
It is clear that this media resonance was guaranteed by the centre-left representatives, a minority of the Lucca city council, who were obviously unable to argue on the merits, and who indeed I thank for providing me with the opportunity to delve deeper and clarify.
My bitterness and profound dismay began yesterday evening, shortly before going to court, when I listened to the words of Salis’s father reported by a journalist, who complained about the long release times and the risk that his daughter might not attend the hearing. first session of the Parliament. There I felt a deep sense of shame, which I couldn’t hold back.
I wouldn’t have thought I had to mention “the world upside down”, but I must admit that there is no expression that is more fitting to the point. The election of Salis is the most powerful expression of this title. It is certainly an upside-down world for those who decide to nominate a person already convicted and currently detained, whose personal life speaks for her, whose behavior is known to everyone, without exception. Moreover
openly anarchist.
Yes, I believe that there is a need for 1 minute of silence, because in the “silence” there remains all that center left that fills its mouth with moral ethics, and that condemns everyone regardless, even just on the basis of pillory and suspicion. To that center left, which first nominates Soumahoro and then Salis, to reach the threshold. To that center left of merit and of listening to the base and the territory, which nominates and elects a person known to the general public for well-known events, without skills or merits gained even in the party, which therefore throws everyone out in one fell swoop , without even the photo on the electoral banner (I smile), colleagues and comrades who would perhaps have cultivated aspirations and collected merits to run for office and who for years, perhaps, had been waiting their turn with loyalty and trust.
Of course, a minute of silence would be needed, and perhaps not enough, to analyze where we have arrived, to understand the reasons for such “reckless audacity” (to use a euphemism), to understand how we can so publicly (and in silence) succeed with a single move to completely destroy the meaning of politics, of its own role and purpose, and of institutions.
And of course it is a “mourning”. It is the mourning of serious and passionate politics, of the politics of those who believe in the sincerity of intentions, in a superior purpose, of the politics of militants, of those who are committed to everyday life and often do not have a space, nor a paragraph in the newspaper, and certainly not that of hypocrisy.
I may be an incurable romantic, but I still hope that Salis, who appears to be the passionate anarchist who does not believe in institutions, can demonstrate her faith to everyone and resign from that position which would not do her honor.
In any case, I believe that today we should all do 1 minute of silence, hoping that in the end, we can wake up from the nightmare.

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