The Foresti bring “La formula” to the stage at Officine Solimano

The I Foresti theater company

Savona. For the cycle “Authors on display in places of listening”, organized by the Paoline Bookshop with the patronage of the Municipality and in collaboration with Opere Sociali NS di Misericordia, Thursday 13 June from 8.30pm to 11pm in Piazza Santuario, in the homonymous fraction, we will discuss “The churches – Interviews and reflections on the importance and role of churches, as places of listening, in a creative and original way”. The Synod has just concluded in the Diocese of Savona-Noli: how can parish pastoral care change? What are the oldest and least known places of worship? What role did the former San Giacomo Convent play? What are spirituality paths and what is the secret of their success?

We will discuss with Paola Bussino, Carlo Cerva, Marco Freccero, the Friends of San Giacomo Association, Michele Salvatore and Alessandro Venturelli. By booking within the previous day by calling Roberto Fiaschi on 3472512535 you can take part in the free fantasy drawing workshops with Elena Terzi from 5pm to 7pm and from 5.30pm in an easy excursion in the Letimbro valley with Bussino and Freccero.

In collaboration with the city’s Italian Women’s Center and with the patronage of the Municipality on Friday 14 June at 4.30 pm in the Red Hall of the Town Hall, in Piazza Sisto IV, the provincial CIF present the second edition of the book “The tragedy of Thalidomide – Medical aspects , scientific and legal” edited by Antonio Ciuffreda and Francesco Picucci. After the institutional greetings, the curators Marco Calandrino and Alberto Marin, lawyers from the Bologna Court, and Dimitris Argiropoulos, professor of Special Pedagogy at the University of Parma, will speak. The testimonies of the survivors will follow, under the title, “From silence to redemption”, and the conclusions by Veronica Cocumazzo. The meeting will be moderated by Maria Teresa Botta and Tecla Trotta from CIF Liguria will coordinate.

On Saturday 15 June at 9pm at Officine Solimano, in Piazza Pippo Rebagliati 6A, I Foresti, an amateur theater company of the diocesan Migrantes, will stage the show “La formula”, written and directed by Anna Minuto with directing assistance from Lina Peluso . On stage an intercultural cast made up of Ahmed El Shaarawy, Ahmed Nafee, Anastasia Pirogova, Aziza Adeoti, Giulio Giraud, Mirella Addario, Zoia Boguslavenko, Bassirou Kandé and Davide Carnemolla, Mattia Ranucci and Samuel Aureli and the dancer Martina Ratto. Makeup and hair will be done by Paola Isetta, the sound engineer will be Paolo Giusto. Entrance is free. For information you can call 3921665196 or write an email to [email protected].

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