De Pin is ready for Pordenone: «I dream of Serie D with the Neroverdi»

De Pin is ready for Pordenone: «I dream of Serie D with the Neroverdi»
De Pin is ready for Pordenone: «I dream of Serie D with the Neroverdi»

He was the first to say “yes” to the project. “I started playing in the Neroverde and I would like to finish here, perhaps returning to the Serie D where I started.”

Technical, human and sentimental reasons led Federico De Pin to immediately accept the proposal from Nuovo Pordenone Fc. An offer presented by the coach (and friend) Fabio Campaner, of whom the Fontanafredda midfielder born in 1991 was a teammate in many places before becoming his player for the Rossoneri last season. The midfielder brings experience and mentality: the one he just hit at Tognon was his sixth category jump. He has already set his sights on the seventh, the one in Excellence in 2025.

De Pin, there are many reasons why he embraced the cause. The first is “Ciccio”?

«I played with him for ten years, including my first spell at Pordenone from 2008 to 2011. I found him again at Cordenons and on other occasions. He was a leader, he became a friend and a brother. So I discovered him as a coach and I must say I found a good coach. So I decided to follow him.”

The Pordenone project is attractive, but a key role in its case was played by the other people involved.

«It’s like this. The human qualities of those involved make the difference. I think of Gian Paolo Zanotel, our president, of Ciccio’s staff, of Alessandro Marzotto. I have always been in contact with the latter, who worked for Pordenone from 2004 to 2023. In addition to human qualities, technical skills also stand out.”

Among the lizards to return to Serie D, the category in which he played in his first stint in black and green?

«It would be nice and it could be the closing of the circle for me. The objective is to create that group of expert footballers who can stay together for at least two years and bring Pordenone back to the top. We hope to start well, it will be important.”

Can’t wait to go back to playing at Bottecchia like you used to?

«It is a stadium that I also attended last season: I found it in splendid condition, perfectly maintained by the Friends of the track. Another fundamental aspect will be training at De Marchi”

Six promotions achieved between Promotion and Excellence: how do you become a winning player?

«I’m sure I had great teachers like Ciccio and former black-green players like Lauro Florean and Max Sessolo. To win you need people who have already won. The one among the lizards will be a difficult but stimulating challenge.”

Pordenone will be a totally new group. Is there a player to keep an eye on?

«Riccardo Sartore, winger born in 2003 with me at Fontanafredda last season: a force of nature. Then of course Filippini and Colombera.” —


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