from the bathing ban (revoked) to the stop to medical examinations and waste collection

from the bathing ban (revoked) to the stop to medical examinations and waste collection
from the bathing ban (revoked) to the stop to medical examinations and waste collection

On the occasion of the G7 summit, which will be held in Borgo Egnazia (Puglia), from 13 to 15 June 2024, a rigorous security plan has been implemented involving a wide range of restrictive measures and bans to ensure the safety of participants and of the local population. All these rules will affect the daily lives of residents and economic activities in the affected areas, combined with the presence of approx 7,500 law enforcement and armed forces operators to guarantee compliance with these measures. Here is a detailed overview of the main restrictions and bans in force during the event.

Maximum security zones and restrictions in airspace

The red zone, i.e. themaximum security area, includes Borgo Egnazia and San Domenicobut also the connecting routes with i four airports used: Brindisi, Bari, Grottaglie and Gioia del Colle. In these areas, residents will only be able to access with special passes until June 16th. The airports will see flights suspended from 7pm to 11pm on June 13th, and the Brindisi Multiservizi airport car park will be closed from 7am on June 11th until midnight on June 15th. During the official dinner on June 13th in Brindisi, the airspace will be bannedand in the following days, a no fly zone will also affect some areas south-west of Bari and Polignano a Mare.

Bathing ban (lifted)

A bathing ban had initially been instituted by the Port Authority of Monopoli throughout the maximum security zone. From 10 to 15 June, swimming would have been prohibited in the stretch of coast between Peschiera al Chapter and the “Mare Mosso” Beach Club in Torre Canne, including the entire port of Savelletri. However, this ordinance has raised numerous protestsespecially by the managers of the beaches, and the commander of the Port Authority of Monopoli, Gennaro Moccia, subsequently revoked the ban. Consequently, swimming will be allowed even in maximum security areas, allowing swimmers to enjoy the sea without restrictions.

Road closures and parking bans

Numerous parking bans and road closures will be implemented in the areas affected by the delegations’ itineraries. In Brindisi, various main arteries and squares such as via Carmine, piazzale Lenio Flacco and via Pasquale Camassa will be closed to traffic. Furthermore, the parking ban will also be extended to via Tarantini from 00:00 on 12 June until 00:00 on 16 June. To compensate, around 2,700 parking spaces will be established along the city center belt, linked by a free shuttle bus service.

Ban on circulation with dangerous goods

A was also imposed traffic ban for vehicles transporting dangerous goods. The prefectures of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto have ordered the temporary suspension of circulation for vehicles with a total mass exceeding 7.5 tonnes and/or used for the transport of dangerous goods, such as weapons, ammunition, explosives and toxic gases, on some routes road traffic from 7am on 11 June until 12pm on 15 June 2024. The bans do not concern vehicles used for the transport of liquid gas intended for hospital facilities and/or for healthcare purposes, provided they are equipped with suitable documentation proving the need and intended use.

Closure of commercial premises and suspension of services

In the red zone of Brindisi, commercial premises included bars, restaurants, kiosks and pubswill be closed from midnight on June 13th until 1am the following day, or in any case until safety needs cease. Couriers, riders and taxis they will not be able to access with their vehicles from 7 am on June 13th. Also there rubbish collection will be suspended during this period.

Controlled access to Savelletri

In Savelletri, a town near the Borgo Egnazia resort, a controlled access area will be established. From June 13th at 1pm until June 16th at 1pm, or until the needs cease, access will only be possible with badges assigned to individuals and vehicles. Within the maximum security zone, there are bans on vehicular and pedestrian circulation, although pedestrian movement for daily needs will be permitted within the urban perimeter of Savelletri.

Stop hospital visits

The Brindisi Local Health Authority has arranged changes to the access times for visits to the main hospitals in the province. At Brindisi hospital, access for visits will be suspended for the entire day of June 13th. On June 14th and 15th, visits will only be allowed from 6pm to 7.30pm. In the hospitals of Francavilla Fontana and Ostuni, visits will be limited to the time slot from 6pm to 7.30pm until June 15th.


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