the eggs will hatch soon

They arrived at five plover nests (Charadrius alexandrinus), migratory bird that nests along the sandy coasts and which is at risk of extinction, found in a portion of the coast located in north of Crotone. Precisely in these hours the “miracle” from the hatching of eggs.

The volunteers of Ibis Club for the Odv environment of the Pythagorean capital, since last Aprilthey are monitoring the nurseries thanks also to the contribution offered by port authorities, Law enforcement and, by the municipal administration local which, upon proposal of the Environment Councilor, took steps to inhibit the zones interested from nesting.

The discovery of these nests is one exceptional event and represents an important signal for the ecosystem local. The little brother is in fact one protected and threatened specieswhose presence indicates the good health of the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, the presence of the specimen could be a requirement very important to nominate the beach of the coast north of Crotone for obtaining the Blue Flaga prestigious international recognition that rewards the quality of bathing water and the sustainable management of beaches.

“It is important that institutions continue on the path of sustainability and protection of nature, to guarantee a better future for present and future generations” they state from Ibis Club which has proven itself a precious ally in the defense of biodiversity and the marine ecosystem, and deserves the applause and support of all citizens.

“We hope that these initiatives can be replicated in other coastal locations, to preserve the beauty and richness of our land” they conclude from the city club.

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