At the Synlab in Monza the reception of autistic people will be “personalised”

At the Synlab in Monza the reception of autistic people will be “personalised”
At the Synlab in Monza the reception of autistic people will be “personalised”

Staff trained specifically to welcome autistic patients, through a specialist training programme.

It happens at the Synlab Cam multi-diagnostic center in Viale Elvezia. The project was developed in collaboration with Linkaut, a company committed to training the staff of facilities open to citizens to welcome autistic people and their families in a conscious and sensitive manner. In addition to 13 other sampling points involved in the program, all in the Milan area, the Monza polydiagnostic center has in fact become Linkaut Point, as confirmed by the sticker visible at the entrance to the centres: in the Viale Elvezia centre, which benefited from the training, a web application called “Emotional Profile” which allows patients and their caregivers to profile themselves before arriving at the facility, in order to receive a truly personalized welcome.

All operational units certified as Linkaut Points (and therefore also Synlab Monza) will finally be geolocalised on the Linkaut website, so that users can find the nearest centre.

“In Synlab we are committed to ensuring that everyone can always feel welcomed and have the opportunity for a healthier life, with particular attention to the inclusion of different fragilities – explained Andrea Buratti, CEO of Synlab – I am proud that the first group of our colleagues has been adequately prepared to support autistic people and their caregivers in a personalized way and we plan to continue with the project in other Italian cities as well.”

“For Linkaut it is a real honor to collaborate with Synlab, a company that immediately understood the significant positive impact of this project on the local community” – underlined Enrico Maria Fantaguzzi, CEO of Linkaut – We found truly attentive and proactive classes, which made the best use of all the information and procedures of our training, held by autistic people, caregivers and professionals.”

The training in Synlab ended last March. Information material on the initiative has also been included inside the Vaile Elvezia center, with the aim of disseminating and educating all users on the delicate topic of autism.

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