it will be a fiery Saturday

The one-way street on Viale delle Nazioni Marina of Ravenna prepares for a baptism of fire. The traffic revolution along the road that runs along the heart of seaside life between Marina and Punta Marina is upon us. The appointment is for Saturday 15 Junewhich in addition to falling in a period traditionally very favorable to seaside tourism is also the date of the debut of Italian national team at the European football championships. If tradition is respected, hundreds of fans will choose the beaches of Ravenna to follow the Azzurri. Many bathrooms are gearing up for the appointment, organizing culinary events that will accompany the match on the big screen.

The starting whistle for Spalletti’s team will coincide with the first day of a measure by the municipal administration that has been talked about for some time, but which has only now found its application. «A real test awaits us – he confirms Maurizio Rustignoli, president of the Spiagge Ravenna cooperative –. It will be essential to start off on the right foot and to do so a great deal of communication and information for citizens is needed. Let’s not delude ourselves that everyone arrives prepared and informed. I hope that the Administration has prepared an adequate information plan. I also believe that in the first weekends, with the introduction of the new measures, it is appropriate to enlist several volunteers or auxiliaries to give directions at strategic junctions, otherwise we could experience great confusion and the risk of queues and traffic jams”.

Rustignoli then specifies that he is in favor of experimentation: «I am convinced that it is right to try. The measures introduced aim to improve circulation which in recent years, especially on busy days, has sometimes gone into crisis. The attempt to make traffic and shuttle runs smoother between the parking lots and the bathrooms must be made. The hope is that users will accept the news positively and that many people will arrive prepared for the changes in traffic.”

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