Rosario Palermo (Anapa) supports “Gol del Cuore”

Almost everything is now ready at the “Luigi Riccardo Gurrera” stadium in Sciacca, the largest stadium in the Province of Agrigento, which will open its gates on Saturday 15 June to host the charity event “Goal of the Heart”, a football quadrangular in memory of Paolo Borsellino and his escort, which will see the participation of notable figures such as Paolo Borsellino Junior nephew of Paolo, while the participation of Manfredi Borsellinotogether with magistrates, actors, singers and carabinieri.

Among the main supporters of the event was the insurance agent from Sciacca Rosario Palermomember of the national executive council of ANAPA Rete ImpresAgenzia, and president of ANAPA Sicilia. “Joining the initiative is part of a path that I have undertaken for several years which reflects the sensitivity not only personally, but of the entire structure and of the association of agents I represent, towards issues relating to legality and social issues. . I am currently one of the two official sponsors of the national actors and singers of the heart and in the past I have supported various initiatives of this kind to raise awareness in areas where the presence of organized crime is very strong, especially in the past. I believe that in these areas a continuous awareness raising activity is fundamental, which is also complemented by an activity to promote associations with charitable purposes, to which the voluntary donations of citizens collected during charity events are donated”.

Palermo underlines the importance of charitable events such as “Gol del Cuore” which also represent a notable opportunity for local companies to show the general public their commitment to fundamental issues for the community such as legality and justice. “On the one hand I believe it is essential for a professional deeply linked to the territory, such as an insurance agent, to carry forward issues relating to legality, on the other to have a strong sensitivity towards social issues, towards those who, in short, deal with those who are worse than us.”

Going into more detail, the event of emotional and social resonance which will be held next Saturday in Sciacca, “aims to commemorate the massacre of Paolo Borsellino and his escort on 19 July 1992 in via D’Amelio, anticipated for reasons contingent on the territory, through a football quadrangular with the teams composed of the magistrates of the Court of Appeal of Palermo, by the officers of the Carabinieri, the National Heart Team made up of actors and singers from all over Italy and the old glories of Sciacca, a town of around 50 thousand inhabitants, which in the past had very competitive teams in Serie D”.

It is therefore not just a matter of attending some football matches between well-known faces from the world of entertainment, former footballers and magistrates, but an opportunity to unite as a community and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most, remembering Paolo Borsellino and his escort.

In conclusion, Rosario Palermo recalls that “the proceeds from tickets sold by Saturday with voluntary donations will be donated to Avulss, an association in Sciacca that assists the sick and people in difficulty”.

edited by Vincenzo Giudice

Cover photo: Giovanni Calì, sports director of the Nazionale del Cuore Attori e Cantanti and Rosario Palermo, member of the national executive board of ANAPA Rete ImpresAgenzia, and president of ANAPA Sicilia

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