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The ten new methane vehicles will be used on the extra-urban lines of Val di Vara and Val di Magra.

The 10 brand new “zero impact” methane ecobuses which are joining the ATC fleet and which will be used for extra-urban services were presented yesterday in the central Piazza Europa by the Mayor of La Spezia.

The vehicles are Scania “Irizar i4”, worth over 3 million euros, financed by the PNRR Complementary Fund intended for the purchase of methane, electric or hydrogen powered buses and related power infrastructure, used for transport extra-urban and suburban public.

The new buses comply with all the most stringent anti-pollution regulations and will be powered by methane or biomethane which, compared to the latest generation Euro 6 diesel engines, reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 50% and without dispersing particulates into the air.

The capacity of each includes 41 seats, 14 standing places and a space reserved for people with reduced mobility who require a wheelchair. Inside they are equipped with loudspeakers, LED displays and above all 5 cameras suitable for surveillance of the passenger area. Furthermore they will be much more efficient, powerful and silent, therefore more comfortable. Drivers will also appreciate excellent driveability.

The new generation of vehicles features an improved driving position, and its functions have been designed to maximize driver comfort and ergonomics. All this is integrated into a spacious and adaptable driving position, with an exceptional field of vision.

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