Malpensa-Gallarate railway, tunnels emerge. The track will move from July 22nd

MALPENSA – Construction of the new railway connection between Terminal 2 of Milan Malpensa airport and the Sempione railway line continues at a rapid pace. In recent weeks in particular it has been developing the construction work of all tunnels and trenches foreseen in the contract, starting from the structures below the airport grounds until reaching the interconnection with the Sempione RFI section.

The artificial tunnel

Starting from Malpensa T2 stationare under construction covering structures of the artificial tunnel 06, 310 meters long. During this week, construction of the arched structures of the building begins from the south side entrance subsequent natural tunnel, 385 meters long.

Gallarate Malpensa railway tunnel

Moving the track

In direction Gallarate-Casorate continues instead the intervention of the artificial tunnel 10, 65 meters longwith the simultaneous completion of the works necessary for track shift equal to RFIwhose activation is scheduled for July 22nd. The work – whose project was promoted by Ferrovienorth in partnership with Sea– represents the completion of rail accessibility from the North to Malpensa. The works are carried out by Salc.

Gallarate malpensa railway tunnel – MALPENSA24
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