«But in the European elections I voted Lega»

VITTORIO VENETO (TREVISO) – Sleepless nights for Toni Da Re, but in the end his first objective, defeating the coalition of the Northern League mayoral candidate Giovanni Braido and reaching the run-off with his protégé Gianluca Posocco, was achieved. A moral revenge on his former party that expelled him. However, he continues to feel like a member of the League and to vote for the League. He did it at the recent European Championships. «I no longer have the card of the League, but they are from the League – specifies the “Mustache” -. I cannot be prevented from voting for it and I did so in the European elections. I am outside the party and the directives, but I know Alessandro Manera very well, who I voted for, and I hope he has the chance, if rescued, to land in Brussels.”

The former MEP: «League in free fall»

Da Re was a member of the European Parliament until a few weeks ago. And for the first time in 15 years, the Treviso League will not have its own man in Brussels. Looking at the result obtained by his former party, he comments: «A free fall: he lost two further points on policies, I believe that a reflection at secretarial level must be made. If I as regional secretary had closed the European precedents with 49.88%, to then be placed under commissionership a month later, with the recent result they should at least place the secretariat under commissionership.” Returning to Vittorio Veneto he admits that the ballot was an uphill battle. «It was difficult, also because we were clashing with very strong and important national parties. The tension was there, but in the end we are at the ballot and now we need to continue working. We knew Balliana would get there. Braido’s coalition said that she had an 8-10 point advantage over ours based on polls that we have never seen. Instead – says Da Re –we did better of them. Now, in these two weeks that separate us from the vote, we must convince voters to vote for Posocco regardless of party lines. In the first round the vote is political, in the second we look at people and programs.”

The alliances

A connection with the Northern League? «We go ahead and talk to the voters – replies Da Re, distancing himself from the logic of the secretariats of the parties -. Any delegations will have to go and talk to Posocco, but our line is already drawn: we will speak to the voter». Obviously there was a smile of satisfaction under his moustache for Da Re for the result obtained in the run-off after the well-known victorious events that divided the League and the centre-right. “I had put Posocco in the running being the outgoing deputy mayor. With him I worked there for 10 years, first in opposition and now in the majority. She was the right person, then in the last moments she was there another political choice and at that point I supported the person I thought was ready.” However, “Baffo” remains down to earth: «We haven’t won yet nothing, now we have to convince 50% plus one of the voters. In municipal elections you vote for the person, certainly not the party. Then if there are tensions, the fractures are highlighted and this generates anomalies.” This is the case of Valdobbiadene. «I supported Luciano Fregonese because, before being ousted, I was the electoral commissioner of Valdobbiadene and the Northern League members of Valdobbiadene were all with Fregonese. Then the secretariat made other choices, but our militants remained faithful to Fregonese, re-elected for a third term.” The same was true in Orsago where Giancarlo Mion, already mayor for two terms with the League, won. «On Friday I was at its closing party and some reflection needs to be done at League level there. In the administrative elections there were three lists, of which two from two Leagues. And the result of the official League (that of the outgoing Fabio Collot ed.) was negative.”


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