exercises in Rimini and on the banks of the Marecchia

Two days of training to test and improve the response of the entire civil protection system, in case of emergency For full of rivers And storm surges.
It’s the goal of Directed Flood 2024scheduled for tomorrow and the day after, 13 And June 14thto Riminiwhich will have its highlight on Friday with an exercise on hydraulic and coastal risk in the city’s canal port and on the banks of the Marecchia, in which around fifty volunteers from the Rimini and Ferrara coordinations will participate.

With this initiative the aim is to strengthen collaboration between the bodies and structures of the civil protection system, test the warning system for meteorological-hydrogeological, hydraulic and coastal risks and improve emergency management strategies linked to climate change , sharing tools and procedures also at European level. The appointment on the Rimini coast was organized by the Agency for Territorial Security and Civil Protection of Emilia-Romagna together with Arpae, the regional Agency for the environment and energy, and Gecosystem, an engineering company specialized in climate services, and falls within the European project Horizon Directedcreated to improve the management of risks caused by climate change.

During the simulation will be involved the municipal operational centers of Rimini, Bellaria-Igea Marina, Riccione, Misano Adriatico and Cattolica, the Romagna Reclamation Consortium, Hera, the provincial coordinations of the Volunteering of Rimini and Ferrara and the Riviera del Conca supra-municipal centre. A delegation of partners from Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Austria and Hungary will attend the activities, the results of which will be discussed on Saturday 15 June at the project’s General Assembly.

The program of the days

We start tomorrow, Thursday 13with the simulation Of an orange alert for hydrogeological, hydraulic, storm, wind and offshore sea criticalities, and of a red alert for storm surges. The event scenario foresees extensive flooding of the coast, extensive erosion phenomena and serious damage to bathing establishments, with the simultaneous increase in the level of the waterways and possible flooding and flooding in the coastal towns.

L’issuing the alert will activate the actions carried out by local bodies and structures such as the Regional Operations Center and the Arpae Functional Centre, the opening of the operations room of the Rimini territorial office, the activation of the Rescue Coordination Center at the Prefecture, the Riviera del Conca supra-municipal Center and the municipal operations centres, in addition to the activation of communication processes towards the civil protection system and the population.

The next day, Friday 14 Junegiven the simulation of widespread damage due to storm surges and river floods, aexercise at the Canal Port of Rimini and on banks of the Marecchia. THE volunteers they will be engaged in embankment reinforcement activities And coastal with pockets and tarpaulins. Vehicles and equipment used for hydraulic risk, a mobile secretariat and operational stations will be made available. During the exercise, the tools made available by the European partners will be tested to verify the interoperability of data and devices for risk management, prediction and evaluation of effects.

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