Pedaling with… Suzuki! We went to the Suzuki Bike Day in Imola [VIDEO] – eBikes

Did you know that one of the largest cycling events you can participate in is organized by a brand known above all for its powerful engines? We were in Imola for the Suzuki Bike Day 2024 and we’ll tell you how it went

June 12, 2024

NoI never would have thought that one of the biggest tours I have participated in so far would be the one organized by a car, motorcycle and marine engine company. The Suzuki Bike Day it is a spectacular event in which, I discovered, they participate more than three thousand cyclists (!!) on different types of bicycles, both muscle and e-bikes and travel a 55 km itinerary on a closed road network with maximum safety and fun! It’s not a race, but “just” a huge gathering with famous climbs and breathtaking landscapes.

Pedaling with… Suzuki! We went to the Suzuki Bike Day in Imola [VIDEO]

Lhe history of Suzuki Bike Day officially began four years ago with 400 cyclists and has now reached over 3000 participants! The departure and arrival are at the legendary Imola racetrack within which only bicycles are allowed. The idea, according to the president of Suzuki Italia Massimo Nalli, is that “many riders and motorcyclists are also passionate about cycling and we wanted to organize an event that celebrated our passion for wheels“. It is worth noting that the event also has a solidarity side with donations going to Dynamo Camp. This is how you do sport while also helping those less fortunate to do the same. The event started with all drivers lined up on the starting grid and a mass start. The route wound along the countryside near Imola, and then ended at the legendary racetrack. In the video we show you our point of view on the 2024 edition and we have already started the countdown for the 2025 edition.

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