“They are two idiots…”. The pollster freezes Renzi and Calenda

“They are two idiots…”. The pollster freezes Renzi and Calenda
“They are two idiots…”. The pollster freezes Renzi and Calenda

Matteo Renzi And Carlo Calenda? Given the sensational flop in the last European elections they are two idiots who only know how to argue.” This is the opinion of the pollster and sociologist Renato Mannheimer. Two idiots, “politically speaking”, try to correct the shot. The reason is soon to be said: “If they had been together – he explains in an editorial in the newspaper Italia Oggi – they would both now sit in the Strasbourg Parliament”.

An analysis which, upon closer inspection, does not go very far from the national political scenario that emerged from the polls. The centrist operation Renzi-Calenda has failed on all fronts: Italian voters have clearly asked for a decrease in European centralization and, consequently, an increase in national differences. A fact which, political judgments aside, is incontrovertible. The image of a bureaucratic rather than political giant Europe has dashed the hopes of the two former third party allies. But perhaps, among all the political shortcomings, it was the strategy adopted by the two leaders that damaged the consensus for a centrist and pro-European project.

“Among the many analyzes that have emerged in recent hours – writes the pollster – the most appropriate is that of a television listener who said ‘if it were up to me I would put Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda in a locked room until they reach an agreement. If they don’t do it I would throw away the key’. The choice to appear disunited in the elections had a significant impact on the final result. “The missed opportunity for the liberal-democratic centre it’s such that they can eat their hands: if they had been together they could have elected a large group of European parliamentarians and so instead they had a handful of flies”states Mannheimer on ItaliaOggi.

Who then adds: “Between the two, the biggest defeat is perhaps the list United States of Europe which the polls of a month ago even gave around 5%: but many potential voters of the center parties have flowed firstly towards Forza Italia and to a certain extent also towards the Democratic Party”. However, the situation is diametrically opposite for the three souls of the executive. First of all for the leader of FdI, the only true undisputed winner of the European vote. “The fact remains that the notable success, even personal, of Giorgia Meloni – admits the pollster – has further strengthened it within the government coalition”.

A result that after almost two years of government is not at all a given.

“But the success was such that Meloni is, without a doubt, about to play an important role European role and to significantly contribute to deciding in which direction Europe should orient itself. The fate of the EU will also depend on its orientation.”a sentence without fear of contradiction by the sociologist.

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