«He sold them to the Compro Oro»

Whose are those jewels? It is based on this question, through the recognition of gold necklaces and bracelets and on the basis of the testimonies of the parties, the trial began yesterday, 11 June in the Trento courtroom. Protagonists, a married couple in their 60s, now separated, and the man’s business partner. At the center of the story would be the woman’s ex-husband, who ended up before the judge for residential burglary (art. 624 of the criminal code). He accused her of having stolen 1,600 euros and her partner’s gold and having sold them to a gold buyer. The accused defended by the lawyer Marco Vernillo: «Those golds are mine».

Jewelry and money gone

A complex story that has been going on for some years. The facts refer to 2017, seven years ago. We are in the month of August. The ex-husband and the partner of the business they have been running for years are busy working and are close-knit, they work well together. So much so that one day the woman delivers it to her partner a copy of the keys to his house. A few days later the keys disappear and the husband suspects his wife, but they are not found immediately. One evening, when the two traders returning from work and go to the woman’s house for work reasons, the partner notices the disappearance of 1,600 euros in cash and many gold jewels, including a necklace, a bracelet, a necklace with a pendant, various earrings, six rings, various pendants and other things that he kept at home. The man immediately accuses his wife, telling her partner: “Go to the Gold Buyer, in my opinion it was her.”

Judicial war

The wife had actually sold jewels in the shop, but they were hers. This claims the woman, who says she is innocent. The partner claims the opposite. To get to the truth, judge Greta Mancini postponed the hearing until January: it will be heard from her ex-husband and some texts of the parts.

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