(Gmajo) – The lightning strike continues journalistic career Of Angelo Manfredinipresident of Parma Clubs Coordination Center: after distinguishing which one envoy” of news 1 to connect with Gigi Buffon who welcomed the return to A league of the Parma, now the Mustachecrossing over to the other side of the fence, he did L’Press officer of the ducal club, announcing that from today, Tuesday 11 June 2024, the operation starts again Tardini Card.

Besides, if he didn’t lend himself to let it be known through a CCPC noteif we were waiting for the club horse camp: the editorial guidelines of the Corporate Managing Director Luca Martinesin fact, they predict that the company website Not is the more “Official Gazette”as had traditionally been the case before his arrival on the command deck, so that now the service communications arrive with alternative toolsas in this case, the Facebook page of the Parma Clubs Coordination Center.

Before continuing reasoningwe copy the below dispatch of organized cheering (which the users of our comment space have already been able to read overnight thanks to Rainbow 78 who had posted it, to whom our thanks also go for the appropriate reporting), today also laid out in an essential brief on the Gazzetta di Parma:

We inform you that from 11/06 to 14/06 from 3pm to 7pm we will start signing up for Tardini Cards again at the Coordination Headquarters.

That of CCPC it is undoubtedly one concrete sensitivity towards the fans, unlike that much theoretical from the Societywho often lavishes thanks and praise on his own supporterssafe forget about them when it comes to avoiding them, for example (it happened), uncomfortable bus trips from distant countries in our Apenninesto come and sign one card, unilaterally desired by Parma Calcio as the only tool on which the season ticket can be digitally loaded, after it was repealed (it will be for the green so dear to KK?) la printed version (particularly appreciated by the ancients objectors no Tdt) and find, once in front of the goal, the sign announcing the lockout for technical reasons.

What were the technical reasons, StadioTardini.it, he had revealed it to you, when he promptly gave you the news that the door of the Palazzina Maria Luigia was closed: that is the exhaustion of magnetic mediathe card Exactly, go you smoke by the great support of the Crociati fans, eager, not being able to directly sign up for the season ticket until next July 1st (due to the move to the VivaTicket circuit), to be able to express one’s loyalty at least with this surrogate. Now that’s new Tardini Card were printed and delivered to Piazzale Risorgimento, physical subscription will be able to resume, while that in virtual mode, i.e. through the site www.ticketone.itit never stopped.

From this afternoon (Tuesday 11 June, starting from 3pm until 7pm)the door CCPC will reopen and the equipped stations for the Parma Calcio ticket service, for the coordination by Corrado Saniwill again be available to aficionados eager to equip themselves with their own Tardini Card (we remind you that it is above all those with an expiry date of 2019 who are called to renew and the new subscribers; for those whose card expires during the current season, the procedure is now usual and consolidated: that is, as soon as it expires, you have to go to the Parma Calcio ticket office for the issue of the new one, on which the season ticket is then loaded: with the transition to the new one service the cost will easily change, currently 8 euros, entirely donated to the circuit.

It was reasonable to expect a recovery of the days lost (about a week) during the tightened for technical reasonswe note, however, that the peremptory deadline from the 7pm Of Friday 14 June 2024remains unchanged, without extra time to compensate for the time waiting for stocks to replenish. Gabriele Majo





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