Stasi wins by a landslide and is confirmed as mayor, but the entire council is “fucked” by the voters – altrePagine

The deputy mayor and 3 other councilors and 7 outgoing majority councilors were not re-elected: this is who they are. Soon all the new members elected to the City Council

CORIGLIANO-ROSANO – Mayor Flavio Stasi wins the elections by a landslide, but his council was soundly trumpeted by his own voters.

In fact, at the outcome of the vote, they were all the councilors who were re-nominated failed:

so the deputy mayor Maria Salimbeni (opening photo)as well as the councillors Tatiana Novello and Alessia Alboresi and the councillor Damiano ViterittiWhile their council colleagues Mauro Mitidieri And Argentine Constantine – fearing the same disastrous outcome – they hadn’t even applied.

Former councilor Tatiana Novello

Together with the entire Stasi junta, the vote would have “wiped out” as many as 7 outgoing and re-nominated councillors of the Stasi majority:

Piersalvino De Gaetano, Domenico Rotondo, Giuseppe Di Vico, Biagio Frasca, Isabella Monaco, Giuseppe Pugliese and Cesare Sapia.

Former councilor Alessia Alboresi

Since this morning the electoral commission has been meeting in the town hall and is validating the electoral outcome relating to the nominative composition of the new municipal council.

Former councilor Damiano Viteritti

At the end of the ongoing operations, Mayor Stasi and all 24 councilors elected from the majority and minority lists will be proclaimed. [email protected]

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