Bisceglie, Clementino live for the premiere of the Rush Summer Fest

Bisceglie, Clementino live for the premiere of the Rush Summer Fest
Bisceglie, Clementino live for the premiere of the Rush Summer Fest

Friday 28 Juneat 9pm, on water front of Bisceglie (near the tourist port), the Rush Summer Fest organized by Gs23Eventi and Rush Eventi, with a stop on the tour “Clementino & live band tour 2024” with which the well-known rapper will perform some of his recording successes live, with the support of a band.

Born in Avellino and raised in the province of Naples, Clementino, born in 1982, approached hip-hop at the age of fourteen, when he joined the Trema Crew and then with TCK, a well-known Neapolitan group of this genre. His solo debut dates back to 2006, with the publication of “Napolimanicomio”, which was followed by seven other collections: “Iena” acronym for Io e no altri; Armageddon, with Dope One and O’ Luwong; Mea culpa published in the same year as the previous one; “Miracle!”; “Volcano”; “Black Pulcinella” of 2022 with clear reference to the historic figure of the Neapolitan tradition. Clementino also boasts participation in the Sanremo Festival and television forays, with participation for two consecutive editions as a coach in the RaiUno program “The Voice Senior”. In his artistic career he also stood out thanks to the high level of appreciation for his live shows. A characteristic of Clementino is certainly his stage presence, gained thanks to the experience of the villages, which allows him to always fill the scene but in an intelligent way, never exaggerated, having fun with his audience.

What characterizes the concerts of these tours, like last year, is the presence of a band and demonstrating its singing abilities even in concert together with talented musicians. During the live event there will be “‘O Vient” is Clementino’s first official single, which in a short time became a real summer hit of that year, so much so that the rapper from Campania reached first position at the 2013 Summer Festival .

At the end of the concert, the Afterparty will be held by the Df Theater with the musical selections of the resident DJs and the entertainment of the well-known Bisceglie disco.

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