the proposal of councilor Alice Rossetti

“We have brought to the council an act of direction to provide for the use of the former Agip shelter in viale Roma, as a separate ticket office Autolinee Toscane Spa – thus begins the note by Alice Rossetti, councilor of the municipality of Massa, with responsibility for planning, extractive activities and quarries. “Given the collective benefit that the community derives from the service. There is already an Autolinee Toscane Spa ticket office in the municipal area but we think it is necessary to open a further counter for the resale of tickets for local public transport in the city centre, in order to improve the use of the service for citizens and in particular, to older people who are not familiar with modern tools for purchasing travel tickets and therefore, we considered the IAT point suitable and functional to the needs of citizens. In the past few weeks, meanwhile, we have made the former Agip shelter suitable for offering the ticketing service, while still preserving its use as an IAT point for tourist information and reception, for promoting the area and for publicizing and disseminating all events organized throughout the year in the municipal area. In recent days we are finalizing the agreement with bus companies for the start of the ticket resale service, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and on an experimental basis, until 30 June 2024, providing for a summer break in the months of July and August, then resuming from 15 September to 31 December 2024, unless otherwise agreed upon”

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