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Aprilia he prepares to say goodbye to the Junker app which guided citizens in the correct management of separate waste collection.

Thanks also to the funding from the Province of Latina in 2021 to enhance separate waste collection, the Municipality of Aprilia he purchased the K-tarip IT platform integrated, bracelets for integrated waste collection and an app to support citizens with one click in all phases of waste disposal, from identifying the correct tub, to registration in the composters register, to the discounts provided, to the Tari regulations and the waste collection service.

There new app will come into operation from Saturday 1 June 2024 and will take the place of the Junker app.

How the new K-Tarip app works

With the new K-Tarip app the municipal administration of Aprilia offers citizens the possibility of having all the general information, but also of having access to information that exclusively concerns its users.

It is in fact connected with the Jtrib program, used by the tax office. The individual user is also linked to K-Tarip for what concerns the delivery of tubs, bags and composters for the door-to-door collection service.

The K-Tarip app is downloadable for free from Playstore or Appstore.

The K-Tarip app which will replace Aprilia's Junker app for separate waste collection

The K-tarip application consists of apublic areawith free access, and aprivate areawith access subject to registration.

  • Public area customized based on the needs of the city of Aprilia.

Here, in the news section, all the news are reported information necessary for the citizen to correctly provide it. The citizen will find the regulation for waste management and the Tari regulation. He will be able to consult the calendars for domestic and non-domestic users, the calendars of the neighborhood eco-centre and of waste collection, as well as finding information on the times of display of the tubs. You will find information on the municipal composters register, useful for accessing the discounts provided for by the specific regulation, as well as information on collection centers and the correct disposal methods.

  • Private area, which can be accessed upon registrationpreferably in the name of the user registered for the payment of the tax.

You can view it here personalized information based on your user base such as the types of waste delivered to the eco-centre, the barcodes identifying the tubs, the composters taken on loan, the bags of organic waste and plastic collected at the eco-desk, the property for which the collection kit was collected. Soon it will also be possible to check the date of delivery and emptying of the container of the undifferentiated residual waste and the TARI tax.

Advantages compared to the old app

Compared to the old Junker app, the citizen of Aprilia will now have access not only to all the information necessary for the correct disposal of waste, but also to the personalized information that concern its specific user. For example, you will find the barcodes identifying the tubs, which are often lost, exchanged or stolen.

The goal is to ensure greater transparency to services rendered to citizens, in view of the introduction of punctual rate. Punctual pricing will allow the introduction of a tariff calculated based on the actual production of waste delivered by the user.

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