Newborn baby dies in Calabria, grandmother accused of infanticide

A few hours ago, investigators from the State Police and the Carabinieri arrested a crime suspect against a forty-year-old woman, originally from Reggio Calabria, investigated in relation to the crime of infanticide in conditions of material and moral abandonment.

The precautionary measure was issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Reggio Calabria which coordinated the activities launched by the Carabinieri and State Police immediately after the discovery, which occurred on the morning of last Sunday 25 May, of the lifeless body of a newborn placed inside of a backpack lying on the rocks of the dock overlooking the seafront of Villa San Giovanni.

According to the reconstruction of the facts carried out so far, considering that the proceeding is still in the preliminary investigation phase and without prejudice to the principle of not guilty until a final sentence is reached, the woman, immediately after the birth of one of her two minor daughters, she took steps to place the newborn baby inside a backpack and to abandon him, shortly afterwards, on the cliff in front of the seafront of Villa San Giovanni.

The investigations were inspired by the report received by the Carabinieri of Villa San Giovanni regarding the pregnancy of a minor, whose family unit was also indicated.

With the constant direction of the local prosecutor’s office, the agents of the Flying Squad of Reggio Calabria, of the Villa San Giovanni police station and of the Carabinieri of Villa have combed through the video surveillance systems present in the area thus managing to reconstruct part of the itinerary travelled. by the suspect in the moments before abandoning the backpack.

The declarative contribution acquired in recent days has then consistently supported the original investigative hypothesis. After the formalities, the woman was associated with the Reggio Calabria prison at the disposal of the AG

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