Too many award winners, the Mole Star is inflating. Let’s avoid it becoming a “souvenir de Turin”

«Two things in Italy are denied to anyone: a cigar and a knight’s cross». The phrase with which Victor Emmanuel II outlined the characteristics of the then young nation and predicted its destinies, in today’s Turin it should be integrated with «…and a Star of the Mole».

Born in 2020 as a symbol and prize of the TFF, the Star quickly rose inflatedso much so that it becomes the inevitable souvenirs from Turin which we foist on every film celebrity who happens to pass through our area. Nothing to object to the choice of souvenirs: all more or less excellent names, for goodness sake. If anything, the problem lies in the frequency: without counting the Stars lavished on the winners of the various festivals, to my memory (but I don’t guarantee that the count is exhaustive) in 2020 there was only one winner, Isabella Rossellini; one, Bellucci, in 2021; in 2022 it will rise to six; they become seven in 2023; we are in May 2024 and since the beginning of the year they have received the Star Carlo Verdone, Rupert Everett, Paul Schrader, yesterday Dante Ferretti (it’s curious to reward him at the Cinema Museum while a few hundred meters away another museum, the Egyptian, is dismantling its exhibition of the Gallery of Kings) and Francesca Lo Schiavosoon it will be the turn of Bruno Bozzetto

Such a flood of Stars, you will agree, weakens them. In short, the Oscar is given once a year. We overflow. And this gives the matter a damned provincial air. I mean, if in Rome they awarded all the illustrious names of cinema who cross the GRA, they would distribute about twenty Stars a day. Giving the Star to every big-name filmmaker we come across smacks of a village festival, with mayor, parish priest and president of the proloco eager to pose with a big smile next to the star we caught on the fly, which happens most of the time? Far be it from me to have the evil intention of denying such innocent joys to Ghigo&De Gaetano: but I wouldn’t want the rumor to start spreading in certain Hollywood (or even Roman) circles that in Turin, a cigar and a knight’s cross, I don’t know, but a Star of the Mole can’t be denied to anyone.

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