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The contribution of the Emilia-Romagna production and training system to the objectives set by the Pact for Work and the Climate and by the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. Especially in response to the economic and social emergencies caused by the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as by climate crisis and by the increase in energy and raw material costs.

These are the themes at the center of the tenth edition of the Responsible Innovators Awardthe recognition of the Region dedicated to innovation experiences of companies in Emilia-Romagna and established in implementation of regional law 14 of 2014 to promote the culture of corporate social responsibility and social innovation.

For participate in the selection you must apply online from This Page from June 10th to July 15th.

Who can participate

Companies of any sector and size, professionals, high schools, universities, ITS Foundations, Afam Institutes and training institutions can submit projects, provided they operate with offices in Emilia-Romagna.

Candidate proposals will be evaluated based on innovation contentthe involvement of public and/or private entities, the impacts generated on the territory and in the reference context, the replicability and the identification of measurable results.

The numbers of the first 9 years: great participation of companies

In the first nine editions of the award, 689 projects were presented. They contributed well 404 companies, but also 30 schools, universities and training institutions. Then there are 25 associations, 35 freelancers and 13 public bodies.

The 2024 edition award

Among the novelties of this tenth edition is the introduction of two further awards. The first concerns the Talent Attraction Award to give prominence to initiatives in favor of the valorisation of highly specialized subjects who activate actions consistent with regional policies. And the prize for Better strategy for sustainable developmentintended for companies and professionals with registered office in Emilia-Romagna who have adopted sustainable actions by integrating them into their business strategy.

Further awards may be awarded to innovative initiatives on some issues relevant to regional action, such as sustainability in fashionthe implementation of #PlasticFreeER strategy and the measures contained in the regional programme prevention of waste production.

The attribution of the is confirmed Ged award (gender equality and diversity label) to projects that will stand out for their positive impact on the topic of equal opportunities (SDGs 5) and del Cer award to enhance initiatives that favor the birth and diffusion of renewable energy communities in Emilia-Romagna.

The winners of this edition of the prize will be announced during the awards event which will be held by 31 December 2024. All those admitted to the prize will be included in thelist of responsible innovators.

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