Stabbed by her husband: 50-year-old out of danger

Sassoferrato (Ancona), 29 May 2024 – He left the intensive care unit of the Torrette hospital and is now Patrizia Ceccolini out of danger, the 50 year old stabbed from her husband under the house Last May 6th, in Sassoferrato, in via Bramante. The woman was also transferred to the ward and will now have to face a long hospital stay.

The Prosecutor’s Office has ordered a forensic medical report on the injuries sustained by the 50-year-old to understand if i blows suffered by her husband Davide Sebastianelli, 55 years old, they could be lethal. The public prosecutor Paolo Gubinelli has already entrusted the task to medical examiner Eva Montanari who will have to evaluate the type of stab wounds and the severity, whether they could have reached vital organs or not. She took 60 days.

Sebastianelli’s defense, represented bylawyer Marina Quadrinihas appointed a party consultant, the medical examiner Andrea Mancini which will follow the assessment.

The examination will begin on the patient in the next few days as soon as the state of the cuts allows it. A verification it will be done too on the kitchen knife which broke during the attack on the woman.

The Husband by Ceccolini is still in prison in Montacuto on charges of attempted voluntary homicide aggravated by kinship. The suspect was also challenged illegal carrying of weapons designed to offend, the knife. The couple, she was a native of Rome and he was from Sassoferrato, had no longer lived together for about a month, the woman had removed him from the house after theyet another degenerate discussion and she wanted to separate from her husband, a worker in a company in the Fabriano area.

Before the attack she had already turned to the police to report the numerous arguments and her husband’s behavior deemed aggressive but she had not wanted to make any report.

The police had also arrived for those arguments at home but the situation had not appeared as serious as it culminated in the late morning of May 6th. The 50-year-old had left home to pick up her daughter from school in Fabriano.

He found her husband waiting for her at home. While she was getting into her car, aboard her Renault Clio, he attacked her with two stab wounds. On the third slash the blade of the knife broke. The intervention of a neighbor, who had also come down to pick up her son from school, saved the woman by immediately calling the police. The neighbor had tried to reason with him when she saw him on the 50-year-old with the knife in his hand but Sebastianelli allegedly replied “the damage is done now”.

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