VOCALELLI: “The objective must be a man with personality in midfield”, LENGUA: “The club’s priority seems to me to remain within the economic parameters”

VOCALELLI: “The objective must be a man with personality in midfield”, LENGUA: “The club’s priority seems to me to remain within the economic parameters”
VOCALELLI: “The objective must be a man with personality in midfield”, LENGUA: “The club’s priority seems to me to remain within the economic parameters”

LOOK WHO’S TALKING ON THE RADIO – The Romanews.eu column “Look who’s talking… on the radio” is the daily space in which you can read the comments on the world of Rome from speakers and commentators who are protagonists of the Roman airwaves collected by our editorial staff.

Language at Radio Radio Afternoon: “The Friedkins have to spend this summer, they earned a lot last summer and spent little. For me the midfield also needs to be rebuilt, it’s not that De Rossi is happy with the discontinuity of some key elements. Roma must equip themselves to compete with the teams going to the Champions League. You can’t think that Abraham can guarantee you 25 goals a season. A team cannot ignore a leading striker, who must remain a priority. It seems to me that the company is thinking more about staying within economic parameters.”

Maida on Radio Radio Pomeriggio: “The absolute priority is to find Lukaku’s replacement. Unless you want to attempt an operation on the Church and change the way you play, but it depends on the market. At this moment it is premature to establish the price of some players. If you take a strong external attacker you make yourself more independent from Dybala.”

Camelio on Radio Radio Afternoon: “Roma has the objective of trying again to make an offer for Lukaku, again on the basis of an expensive loan but at lower prices. The Friedkins have made mistakes, but they have proven to invest every year. Chiesa has an expiry date, Juve can ask for a lot but not a lot, the player wants 5-6 million, De Rossi likes it. De Rossi also likes Dybala, but he needs more physical confirmation.”

Vocalelli at Radio Radio Afternoon: “I believe that Roma have reached the point of no return. We cannot think of solving the problems by spending 80 million on Frattesi and Chiesa, because the club is in a moment of reconstruction.”

Ferrajolo at Radio Radio: “This team without rebuilding, which I don’t see as possible from an economic point of view, with a striker, a midfielder and two wingers could go to the Champions League. Betting everything on Abraham at the moment is a huge risk, because he comes from a very long injury.”

Balzani at TeleRadioStereo: Roma have collected several sixth places, but Roma’s history says otherwise. Let’s go back to comparing ourselves at least to Dortmun or Leverkusen, otherwise we are going too low with the comparisons. Chiesa, Frattesi and David are part of the ‘A’ list, I would be happy if one of these arrived. The good news today is that maybe Solbakken will take it from Malmoe. Today I only keep Svilar, N’Dicka, Dybala and Mancini, I’ll think about the rest.

Trani at TeleRadioStereo: Angelino I think they’ll redeem him. But the problem is different, you have to give up several players. But the problem is purchases. We talk about the Church, but when can you get it? There is already a request from Napoli. If you take Chiesa you put Dybala as center forward? So are you better than sixth place? I have doubts. I believe that Roma will immediately go for the center forward.

Courses at TeleRadioStereo: “newspapers write every day that De Rossi wants Chiesa and David, so then when Roma don’t take them they will all blame it on him, and they will say that it was De Rossi who failed to take him.”

Ferrazza at TeleRadioStereo: ““Ghisolfi has the superpower of invisibility. Even the people who work in Trigoria have never seen it. No one in town has ever seen him. He continues to choose the path of silence, almost of anonymity. Ghisolfi inaugurates, if possible, an even further period of silence”

Pruzzo at Radio Radio: “Roma now has Abraham up front who needs to recover but who could also have a market to then think about buying another one. I think it will be the striker market. However, the Englishman is someone who scored 27 goals in his first year. We need to understand Dybala’s role well going forward because it is advisable to have certainties in this sense. A reflection must be made on what the Argentinian’s near future could be.”

Focolare at Radio Radio: “How much is Icardi currently valued? Because we talk about Roma and Lazio looking for a center forward, but in my opinion the strongest center forward out there is Mauro Icardi himself.”

Bears on Radio Radio: “De Rossi asks for wingers who skip the man. Going forward, therefore, we will need either a player who is good with his head or who knows how to make good cuts in the penalty area.”

Carina at Radio Radio: “A month after De Rossi’s arrival I asked him about the possible use of Dybala as a false 9. He replied that at the moment, however, he doesn’t have wingers who can reach the back. Should Joya ever arrive as a striker it could be an opportunity if he remained at Roma.”

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