Milan bench, stop the hysteria: until the press release arrives…

There are many rumors surrounding the Milan bench with Paulo Fonseca as the prime suspect, but not even the shadow of any press releases…

The summer hasn’t even started but the fans of Milan they feel a climate that is nothing short of hot. The future is now, especially after leaving Stefano Pegsas well as Simon’s Kjaer and Olivier Giroud. A 5-year long cycle that saw the Devil return to the Europe that counts, conquer its own 19th championship and play a semi-final of Champions League, just like the old days. There is certainly no shortage of sad chapters, such as the many lost derbies, the resounding defeats, the too many goals conceded and the disappointing transfer market hits. It’s okay, negative notes are part of any path, even the most successful ones.

The Milan he therefore has the opportunity to start from scratch, not literally, of course, but he carries, in his hands, a future to be planned. The rumors, however, do not seem to be very welcome by the Rossoneri fans. In recent weeks, a large circle full of names, profiles and applications has emerged. Gradually this orbit shortened, coming to designate Paulo Fonseca as Stephen’s successor Pegs.

The revolt of the people

To the announcement, not of Milan we would like to underline that Fonseca it seems he is now very close to sitting on the Rossoneri bench and an uproar has broken out, especially on social media. A revolt certainly not against the Portuguese coach, but with the objective of the management Devilguilty of not aspiring to great goals, as we have also witnessed San Siro. Many then highlighted the hypothetical salary he would receive Fonsecathat is to say 2.5 million eurosa figure certainly not considered up to the level of a coach who is about to coach the Milannot just any team.

Here then is the mass hysteria, identical to that seen with Julen Lopetegui. From the Milan everything is silent and the fans rely on what they read and hear, if Zlatan is involved too Ibrahimovic with his enigmatic (or simply ironic?) social posts then the people can only get excited.

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