The school year of the theater laboratory of the Monti high school in Cesena ends with a podium

The school year of the theater laboratory of the Monti high school in Cesena ends with a podium
The school year of the theater laboratory of the Monti high school in Cesena ends with a podium

The Monti students went on stage on May 4th and impressed the jury, entirely made up of children from schools across Italy competing in the competition, with the depth of the texts (written by them and recited with great competence).

The director, Sabina Spazzoli, encouraged the young budding actors to choose their favorite novel and give life to the characters either by freeing them from the chains of a story that they did not write or by imagining how books in a library might feel without ever being read by anyone.

This last idea comes from the reality of the library of the prison of Forlì, where books are forced to stay locked up, just like the guests of the house. In fact, the director, who has been collaborating with our school for more than ten years, acts as a liaison with the Forlì prison where she holds workshops in parallel with that of Monti. Both the inmates and the students worked separately on a three-year theme, then, in October, some high school kids will perform again this year with the inmates as part of the Transparencies Festival organized by the Regional Theatre-Prison Coordination.

The Lib(e)ri show also closes the three-year period of the Myths and Utopias theme which had inspired the two previous shows: Inverted Perspectives: Stories of Metamorphosis and Cities on the Wire: Stories of Winged Beings, Sovereigns and Travellers, staged on 28 October 2023 at the Bonci Theater.

The 2023-2024 school year saw almost fifty two-year and three-year students from the three courses involved, not only in these two shows, but also on the occasion of the two National Nights of the Classical High School on 2 December 2023 and 19 April 2024. A handful of them he made three performances of Città sul filo in prison, acting together with the inmates on 21 and 22 November 2023.

Giulia Magnani, who carried out her internship at the high school (under the tutorship of Professor Daniela Romanelli, coordinator of the theater project), was also always present to support the children in this year’s five shows, as assistant director: former student of Monti, she participated in the Institute Laboratory and now, in parallel with her studies in Classical Literature, she continues her career as an actress for various theater companies, a sign of the educational and truly orienting value of the PCTO courses proposed by the school, as it has been since years the Theater Laboratory.

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