list of events in which he participated in the last week –

Below is the list of events in which the Atletica Cogne Aosta athletes participated. The results are also detailed.

22 MAY


Last Wednesday, May 22nd, one of the stages of the Soirée Vertical “Lo Drette di Matouffie” took place.

Among the very young, our athlete wins in the 2.32km course with a height difference of 481m Giulia Framarin with a time of 28’34”.

“Giulia Framarin – Soirée Vertical Sant Oyen”

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25 MAY


The Regional Phase of the event took place on Saturday 25 May in Donnas CONI Trophy, a national project, on an annual basis. Three types of Tetrathlon are on the program: “A” 60m, high jump, shot put and 600m, “B” 60m, long jump, vortex throw and 1km walk and “C” with 60hs, long jump, shot put weight and 600m.

Eleanor Dellius And Ilaria Testolin they win Tetrathlon C and Tetrathlon B respectively.

Eleanor he earns 2370 points given by the sum of the performances obtained in the 60hs with the new personal best of 10″10 (886pt.), in the long jump he lands at 3m81 (578pt), in the shot put he scores the measurement of 5m94 (276pt.) and closes in the 600m with a time of 1’57”15 (630pt.), improving by 2 seconds.

Ilariainstead he obtained 2228 points from 60m with the new PB of 9″11 (636 pt.), in the long jump with the measurement of 3m73 (559pt.), he also improved in the vortex throw with 26m54 (454pt.) and completed 1km walk in 5’53”54 (579pt.).

For men, also on the podium Alessandro Bois who comes 2nd in Tetrathlon A with 1577 points, improving in all 4 tests. In the 60m he crossed the finish line in 8″23 (369pt.), in the high jump he exceeded the measurement of 1m20 (504pt.), in the shot put he threw at 8m41 (392pt.) and reached the finish line of the 600m with a time of 1 ’57”51 (313pt.).

All our other boys and girls also did well. In the Tetrathlon TO Jacques Berard comes 7th with 968 points. In the Tetrathlon B4th Mary Navarretta with 1998 points, 5th Smilla Mariotti Cavagnet with 1944 points and 8th Alaa Koussaimi with 1423 points, finally in Tetrathlon C 4th position for Gianmarco Ferrandoz11th for women Joan Elisabeth Millet with 752 points and Naomi Chapel 12th with 590 points.

Eleonora Dellio and Ilaria Testolin thus earn the pass for the National Final scheduled from 3 to 6 October 2024 in Sicily in the Catania area.

“CONI Trophy – Cogne Group”

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On Saturday 25 May, again at the Crestella field in Donnas, an invitational competition for the discus throw was also held.

Among the big names, such as Stefania Strumillo (GS Fiamme Azzurre) capable of 58m26, Diletta Fortunata (CS Carabinieri) 56m94 and Emily Conte (GS Fiamme Oro Padova) with 56m69 also our student Kirsten Goyetthe smallest in the race.

A race heavily influenced by the wind which carried the apparatus out of the sector and by a few drops of rain which did not make the platform exactly optimal. Kirsten starts with a null throw, on the second throw she scores the measurement of 25m97, 3rd and 4th throws null and on the 5th throw she throws the tool to 29m23 which represents her third best measurement ever. Finally, the 6th launch was null but still a good race for Kirsten who gained experience on a very high level day.

Kirtsen Goyet disk

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26 MAY

The 2nd round of the EDILECO Grand Prix for the M/F rookie categories takes place on Sunday 26 May in Donnas.

The program includes the Triathlon for Beginners aged 5-8 with 40hs, weight and 150m, for Beginners 10 years the women’s 200hs, high and vortex and the men’s 200hs, long and weight.

Triathlon beginners 5-8 Women (40hs, weight and 150m):

  • 4th Laetitia Desaymonet 128 points

  • 8th Matilda Paolella 104 points

  • 9th Gigliola Greenhouse 104 points

Triathlon beginners 5-8 Men (40hs, weight and 150m):

  • 9th Mathieu Berard 104 points

  • 15° Elias Bitto 68 points

  • 16th Jean Milanese Zanivan 66 points

  • 18th John Cremaschi 52 points

Triathlon beginners 10 Women (200hs, high, vortex):

  • 2nd Georgie Cuaz 146 points

  • 7th Maelys Leave of absence 106 points

  • 8th Martina Leave of absence 102 points

  • 10th Rhianna Testolin 82 points

  • 12th Christel Cantelli 82 points

  • 115th Eloisy Gerard 68 points

  • 17th Francine Stevenin 66 points

  • 18th Julie Chenal 64 points

  • 19th Alissa Cianci 64 points

Triathlon beginners 10 Men (200hs, long, weight):

  • 7th Emily Desaymonet 120 points

  • 11th Benoit Bidese 86 points

  • 14th James Ferrandoz 82 points

“Cogne Beginners”

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The 45th Tor De Gargantua starts on Sunday 26 May with more than 200 athletes competing.

In the absolute category in the 10km course 19th Paolo Restano with 45’40”, 20th Daniele Pigliacelli in 45’50”, 32nd Massimiliano Varone with 47’35”, 42nd Mino Parisi in 49’53” and 53rd Salvatore Tropiano in 52’41”.

Moving on to the younger ones, in the 15-17 year old female category, they won over a distance of around 4km Julie Truc in 10’56” and 3rd

Francesca Milani in 12’26”.

In the 12-14 year old category, in the approximately 2km race, the men’s second Leonardo Casarotto in 4’47”. Second place for women

Desireée Pauline Linty with 5’18 and 7th Cecilie Borbey in 5’47”.

In the distance of 1km, Alice Borbey he placed himself on the second step of the podium with 3’41”.

“Milani Francesca”

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