Casale, new road system in Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia was cordoned off. The construction site that will build the new road system thus begins. The works were awarded to the Ronzoni company from Seveso, a municipality in the province of Monza and Brianza, who was entrusted with the most complicated part of the project, i.e. a road that runs closer to the railway bed, straightening the curve that leads into the square between the car park and the area once occupied by the fruit and vegetable market, demolished in recent years.

The project has been talked about for years to improve traffic and give more space to the square which will be structured differently, even though the large three-storey building designed by the Genoese architect Alfonso Femia was removed from the initial project. It included a sports surface and rooms for padel, spaces for powerboating and an ice rink, also including a suspended promenade which in Femia’s conception should have seen an identical promenade from the Castle, connecting the two areas to the Po and its use landscaping and sports. However, all this budgeted for a cost of around 4 million euros then disappeared from the project, which for now will tackle the new road system and car parks that will free up the congested Piazza Castello, «creating direct access to the historic center from via Lanza – says the deputy mayor Emanuele Capra – and enhancing the city’s commerce in that area of ​​the city».

Therefore a new road that will pass behind the fire station, reconnecting to Viale San Martino, to which are added parking planned in two areas for a total surface area of ​​approximately 7,000 square metres, surrounded by 8,500 square meters of green areas. The flooring will be self-locking with a draining base and granite curbs. A rest area will be created for the buses that stop there to transport students out of the city: it will be located to the north of the square. Viale Morozzo San Michele will also undergo some transformation with the construction of sidewalks. Then we will have to think about the subservices that will be entrusted to the AMC, such as public lighting.

The intervention entrusted to the Ronzoni company will cost approximately 2 million and 627 thousand euros and will have to be completed in approximately 45 days. Then we will have to move the cars parked on the esplanade created from the demolition of the fruit and vegetable market and, when the new road is finished, we will proceed with the rest of the intervention. The total cost is around 4 million euros, to cover which the Municipality has taken out a loan. The duration of the intervention will be one year. Criticism for the high cost had been raised by the minority in the City Council who had defined it as a “pharaonic project” and who would instead have seen in its place a series of interchange points for a different and sustainable road network for the city. But the most expensive part of the plan, as mentioned, has been scrapped.

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