victory for Malanga who advances to the round of 16 – – Seconds Out – Free Sport Magazine

victory for Malanga who advances to the round of 16 – – Seconds Out – Free Sport Magazine
victory for Malanga who advances to the round of 16 – – Seconds Out – Free Sport Magazine

FPI Press Release

Rome, 24 May – Our Gigi Malanga (63.5 kg) continues to win, the only one of the national team still remaining in the competition, who thanks to a resounding 5-0 defeat of the Bolivian Jose Maria Nunez, and awaits the round of 16 of final the winner between Bazarbay Uulu Mukhammedsabyr (KAZ) and Mizan Aykol (TUR). Tomorrow, May 29, the boxer from Bari will therefore have to get back into the ring to try to continue the hunt for the Olympic pass. In addition to Malanga, the winner between Eseta Flint (TGA) and Busra Isildar (TUR), who will have to compete in the previous round. After the first tournament held from 3 to 11 March in Busto Arsizio (Italy), in which 49 passes were awarded for France, the Thai ring will be the last chance before the five-ring countdown. There will be more than 630 in 13 weight categories fighting for the 51 places up for grabs, 23 for women and 28 for men. There will be seven weight categories foreseen for men for a total of 124 athletes (16 places for 51 kg, 18 places for 57 kg, 20 places for 63.5 kg and the same number for 71 kg, 18 places for 80 kg, 16 places for the 92 kg and for the +92 kg) and six those foreseen for women for a total of 124 places, with some innovations from the point of view of the distribution, there are in fact 22 places in the 50 kg tournaments, 54 kg, 57 kg and 60 kg, 20 for the 66 kg category and 16 for the 75 kg category.

Five Italians flew to Thailand to attempt the great feat of joining the eight athletes already qualified for Paris 2024. The team is made up of: Federico Serra (51 kg) born in Sassari on 28 May 1994, belonging to the Group Sportsman Fiamme Oro; Michele Baldassi (57 kg) from Torre Annunziata, born on 4 November 2002, of the Fiamme Azzurre Sports Group; Gian Luigi Malanga (63.5 kg), born in Bari on 13 December 1999, also from GS Fiamme Azzurre; Salvatore Cavallaro (71 kg), cousin of the already qualified Salvatore, born in Catania on 26 November 2001, also from GS Fiamme Azzurre; and finally Melissa Gemini (75 kg), born in Viterbo and from ASD Fanum Viterbo. For Baldassi it will be the first opportunity to gain a pass in a World Olympic qualifying tournament, having not participated in the tournament held in Busto Arsizio, unlike the other four Italians. For everyone there is a single objective: to match the results of Giordana Sorrentino (50 kg), Sirine Chaarabi (54 kg), Irma Testa (57 kg), Alessia Mesiano (60 kg), Angela Carini (66 kg), Salvatore Cavallaro (80 kg ), Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine (92 kg) and Diego Lenzi (+92 kg), who already have the ticket to Paris in their pocket.

Accompanying the Azzurri on the expedition, which started on May 21st, are the Technical Director Emanuele Renzini, the technical staff made up of the masters Eugenio Agnuzzi, Massimiliano Alota, Giovanni Cavallaro, the physiotherapist Fabio Morbidini and the Team Leader Alberto Tappa.



32nd 57 Kg Michele Baldassi vs Seiitbek KGZ 0-5


32nd 51 Kg Federico Serra vs Luis Fernando Delgado ECU 1-4


32nd 63.5 Kg Gianluigi Malanga vs Viliam Tanko SVK 5-0

32nd 71 Kg Salvatore Cavallaro vs Youcef Islam Yaiche ALG 1-4


16th 63.5 Kg Gianluigi Malanga vs Jose Maria Nunez BOL 5-0


8th 63.5 Kg Gianluigi Malanga vs Bazarbay Uulu Mukhammedsabyr (KAZ)/Mizan Aykol (TUR)


8th 75 Kg W Melissa Gemini vs FLINT TGA/ISILDAR TUR

The World Qualifying Tournament in Bangkok will be live streaming on from 30/05 to 2/06

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