growing trend in the last 3 years

They are a small army, the one registered, there are many users of the Ser.D. regionally, they have grown dramatically, they are the people who in Basilicata register a pathological addiction: as many as 2,500 (in 2023).

The trend has definitely been growing in the last three years. These are data that emerge from a report that examines the period from 2021 to 2023, we are referring to the users of the Ser.D. in Basilicata, the Addiction Service which deals with the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of people at risk or who have developed an addiction, drawn up by the General Directorate for personal health and policies of the Basilicata Region. From the data collected in the Basilicata facilities of Potenza, Lagonegro, Marsicovetere, Melfi, for the Potentino area, Matera and Policoro, for the Matera area, the passage from 2,244 patients in 2021 to 2,351 in 2022 and up to 2,495 in 2023 emerged.

Among Lucanian users – whose average age was confirmed to be high (from 40.3 years for drug addiction to 50.5 years for smoking) – pathological drug addiction prevailed, which in 2023 involved 1,852 patients, followed by alcohol addiction (488), gambling disorder (155) and smoking (25).

In the distinction by sex, in the three-year period that was examined, there were 2,046 male patients in 2021, 2,131 in 2022 and 2,263 in 2023, compared to 198 female patients in 2021, 220 in 2022 and 232 in 2023. The report also included users detained in prisons in Basilicata and those carrying out a therapeutic rehabilitation program in regional therapeutic communities.

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