“Massimo Cuneo should not have been put on trial, the life of a respectable man was destroyed”

Court – The defense of the former Carabinieri commander accused of embezzlement speaks – The statute of limitations expired yesterday

by Silvana Cortignani

Massimo Cuneo

The lawyer Pierluigi Mancuso

The lawyer Pierluigi Mancuso

Tuscania – “This trial should not have been held, it destroyed the life of a respectable man.” This was forcefully reiterated yesterday before the panel of the Viterbo court, speaking of the former commander of the Tuscania carabinieri company Massimo Cuneo, by the lawyer Pierluigi Mancuso who, in the face of the now well-established statute of limitations, wanted to say words for the officer of the weapon ended up under house arrest in February 2015.

At the center of the trial, in addition to other complaints, are the renovation work on the barracks and the casual use of the company car. Prosecutor Flavio Serracchiani, reclassifying this last crime as embezzlement, sanctioned the expiration of the crime due to the statute of limitations, which means for the accused “neither guilty nor innocent”.

“My client is a victim, the real victim of the trial,” underlined the lawyer Emilio Lopoi for the businesswoman who provided the materials for the work. “Double damage for her. She ended up as a co-defendant and was never paid by the public administration, owner of the barracks property, with the Municipality also acting as a civil party for the damages”.

Cuneo ended up under house arrest for embezzlement, abuse of office and disclosure of official secrets. “The trial, which started with a shaky accusatory framework, today demonstrates all its groundlessness – Mancuso said loudly – ​​the criminal action that destroyed the life of a respectable man and a very capable investigator should not have been carried out”.

What ended yesterday before the panel presided over by Judge Jacopo Rocchi is the famous “two in one” trial of the former Carabinieri commander who, sensationally arrested on 11 March 2015, remained under house arrest for a few weeks for events that occurred between 2013 and 2014, resulting from the unification of two proceedings, one of which was “inherited” from the military prosecutor’s office relating to the improper use of the company car.

Silvana Cortignani

Presumption of innocence

In the Italian criminal system the presumption of innocence applies until the final sentence. Presumption of innocence which is based on article 27 of the Italian constitution according to which a person “is not considered guilty until finally convicted”.

May 29, 2024

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