Independence paths for people with disabilities

The objective of the notice is to allow people with disabilities to access autonomy paths to prevent institutionalization and promote independent living.
The project is aimed at groups of six people with disabilities up to a maximum of 12 aged between 18 and 64. The paths that will be activated will include:
• definition and activation of an individualized project
• start of co-housing in the city of Molfetta, also including residents of the city of Giovinazzo.
• development of digital skills and job placement
Applications can be submitted over the counter starting from the date of publication of the notice.
The investigations of the applications received will be carried out in chronological order of arrival; the outcome will subsequently be communicated to the requesting users, at the contact details indicated in the application.
The applications, with the relevant attachments, must be delivered:
• brief handwritten, in a sealed envelope addressed to the Manager of the Planning Office of the Territorial Area of ​​Molfetta at the Protocol Office of the Lead Municipality (Molfetta) located in Molfetta in via Martiri di Via Fani (Lama Scotella). The following wording “Application for participation in the independence paths for people with disabilities PNRR-Investimento 1.2.” must be included as the subject of the envelope;
• via PEC to the address [email protected]with subject:
“Application for participation in the independence paths for people with disabilities PNRR -Investimento1.2.”.
Attached is the notice and application form.

Molfetta Municipality Press Office


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