Stop direct trains from Taranto to Rome. The regional councilor writes to Trenitalia: «We need to provide alternatives»

Taranto cannot remain without direct trains to the capital for the whole summer. The cancellation of the Frecciarossa trains from Taranto and the rail connections towards…

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Taranto cannot remain without direct trains to the capital for the whole summer. The cancellation of the Frecciarossa trains from Taranto and the rail connections to Rome, unless more changes are made, is due to the works on the route.

The case raised by Quotidiano

An issue at the center of a report published a few days ago by Quotidiano and which prompted the agreeable intervention of the regional councilor for Transport and Sustainable Mobility Debora Ciliento. Yesterday the latter took pen and paper and contacted Trenitalia directly. The letter includes a request to examine some solutions in favor of direct rail connections between Rome and Taranto, considering extending the runs of some trains on the Rome-Bari route to the Ionian city and, if possible, activating new runs for the Taranto-Bari-Rome relationship.

The request arises from the expected cancellation of direct trains from Taranto to Rome, for a period of 90 days starting from 9 June, due to the interruption of the Eboli-Potenza route on the Battipaglia-Potenza line for the related Italian Railway Network works the speeding up of the route and the adaptation of the General Development Plan of Eboli, Picerno and Bella Muro.

The councilor’s letter

«It is necessary – explained the regional councilor – to mitigate the inconveniences that will inevitably arise and will have repercussions on users of the city of Taranto, who will no longer be able to use direct trains in the connection with Rome. Work on the infrastructure is essential to raise the efficiency and safety standards of the railway network – said the councilor – but a long period without direct trains, and with travelers forced to make more changes, could damage a city which is a major tourist destination. attractiveness”.

Moreover, precisely for the benefit of the promotion of Puglia and its main cities, including Taranto, since 9 June Trenitalia has promoted a new Intercity pair on the Lecce-Reggio Calabria connection with stops in Brindisi, Francavilla Fontana and Taranto. While from July an Intercity couple will leave on the Bari-Reggio Calabria connection.

«Making Puglia increasingly accessible with an increasingly effective and efficient public rail transport service – concluded the councilor – are the objectives we have shared with the companies. We share the same vision and will be able to find solutions that, even in the unexpected, do not damage any territory or any community.”


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