Summer in Matera 2024, a train of events not to be missed

Summer in Matera 2024, The program of summer events it is really very vast and ranges from cinema to music.

Summer in Matera 2024

There will be no shortage of theatrical events and good food. Such variety will allow a wide range of tourists to gain an all-round knowledge of thehe culture of a city now famous throughout the world for its uniqueness. There will also be no shortage of sporting eventsespecially for outdoor activities.

You will be able to immerse yourself in uncontaminated nature and then lots of entertainment for game lovers, who will be able to relax in the streets of the center by also consulting websites free slots and other fun experiences on the web. For those who love culture, summer in Matera will not disappoint, and will be a dream, through events of excellence in music, cinematographic and artistic importance. Among the musical events, the International Festival of Contemporary Music stands out, which will take place between July and August, with international artists. Then the Matera Jazz Festival in August will fill the squares of the city of the Sassi with jazz.

Sassi of Matera

Culture in Matera will continue, following an interesting thread with the Matera Cinefestival. We will see screenings of arthouse films under the stars. The 5th edition of the Matera Film Festival will also take place in 2024, which will host national actors, actresses, male and female directors and international. The city will also host numerous exhibitions inside the suggestive caves of Matera, including the Vico Solitario Cave and Santa Barbara Cave.

Summer in Matera 2024 - Sassi in photosSummer in Matera 2024 - Sassi in photos

The Matera territory it is unique from a naturalistic point of view. A few steps from the city you can visit the Murgia Materana Park, where you can go trekking, mountain biking and speleology. For adventure lovers there are also acrobatic routes among the trees and hot air balloon trips to admire the city from above. Luckily, thanks to the endless charm of the famous Sassi, the city fills up with tourists and curious people every year.

Slow tourism in Basilicata – Summer in Matera 2024

They are all attracted by this complex of houses dug into the cave which today host museums, B&Bs and commercial activities. Those who love long walks in culture can instead choose from the numerous guided tours to learn about the Sassi and their history. You will be able to have many specialized guides available to visit the museums that tell the story of the ancient past of the city and the rock churches, works of art that always surprise.


This is the right place for slow tourism, which has always guaranteed Matera international success. Just think that over 300 foreigners have purchased homes in Matera in the last few years. This has fostered an influx of people which creates a beautiful region waiting to be explored. Investing in tourism based on slowness and discovery has generated excellent feedback because it is a growing trend on which we can continue to focus.

B&B in Matera

Finally, let’s not forget that the city of Matera has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1993 and was the European Capital of Culture in 2019. Today it is still a magical city, famous as a film set. Over 40 films have been shot here, with Italian directors such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Francesco Rosi, Roberto Rossellini, Lina Wertmuller and Giuseppe Tornatore and international authors such as Mel Gibson and his “Passion of the Christ” and Timur Bekmambetov with Ben Hur. You can stay here for just one day and visit the main attractions or let yourself be conquered by the city and the natural beauty of the surrounding area by staying a few more days. But it’s really worth it.

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