“Tourism, union and synergy in working to relaunch the sector”

Manfredonia. “Culture and tourism represent an ideal of perfect harmony and connection, similar to the sphere, in which each element, although unique, contributes in an essential way to the integrity of the whole. If one of these elements is removed or ignored, the entire sphere loses its perfection.”

“This is what the mayoral candidate Vincenzo Di Staso explained yesterday at the meeting “Our name is Tourism” in the presence of workers in the cultural and tourism sector of the city of Manfredonia. Vincenzo, assisted by the candidate councilors Piercosimo Zino, Matteo Robustella and Mirko Pacillo, explored his tourist vision of Manfredonia with those presenta land where the richness of a heritage not only made up of history and art, but also of traditions, theatre, cinema, food and wine is combined with collaboration”.

“In this meeting, sharing the ideas of those present and observations on things to improve in the city was fundamental. In Vincenzo Di Staso’s vision, union and synergy in work are the center of the sphere. Only in this way will we have a serious planning of culture and tourism in Manfredonia, so as to create a thriving economy thanks to the valorisation of our land”.

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