it must be finished by June 2026

December 2024: this should be the date on which the new era of stadium Via del Mare by LecceWith the’start of the jobs. The first part of the process – that relating to the redevelopment of the plant, financed with 11.3 million from Mediterranean Games – started.

Salvemini in Ferrarese: this is why 25 million are needed for coverage

But something is moving, and quickly, also with regards to coverage: in the last few hours the mayor Carlo Salvemini has sent to the commissioner for the Taranto 2026 Mediterranean Games, Massimo Ferrarese, the economic detail regarding the coverage of the plant, which over the last few days has been under study by the commissioner structure. It will be up to the decision whether to assign a further 25 million euros to the city of Lecce with the second masterplan (Salvemini asked for this much in the planning guidance document on May 24th in Ferrarese).

The project: 18 million just for carrying out the works

At first the work had been estimated at 15 million: the additional request of 10 million had momentarily stunned Ferrarese who had announced a letter of clarification to the mayor of Lecce on the increase in costs. But Salvemini was ahead of the game and sent the financial statement for the work on Monday. The amount for the execution of the works is estimated at 18 million, to which must be added: the costs for safety (450 thousand euros), the technical expenses for the technical-economic feasibility design (1 million 845 thousand euros), the expenses for executive planning (678 thousand euros), those for the management of the works (778 thousand euros), those for testing (34 thousand euros), those for advertising (10 thousand euros) and a whole series of other items which increase the project to 25 millions. Ten more, it was said, than those envisaged during the first meeting between the mayor of Lecce and the commissioner Ferrarese.

The open procedure contract

On the construction of the roof (for which at least two projects were donated to the Municipality, first that of the Patrons of Culture and then that of the Lecce Sports Union) the procurement procedure identified “for the assignment of the economic feasibility design service and coordination for safety during the execution and management of the works will be that of an open procedure”. Regarding the execution of the works, since we will proceed with the integrated contract, the executive planning will be the responsibility of the company and will be an integral part of the contract”.

Restyling of via Del Mare and Palazzetto Ventura today in the Council

Returning to the restyling of the stadium, yesterday the Budget and Public Works commissions met to approve the change to the 2024-2026 public works programming, which will be examined today in the city council, to include both the works at Via Del Mare and those at the “Ventura” building in Piazza Palio (again financed by the Mediterranean Games with 2.7 million). «During the commission, the opposition councilors did not consider this change urgent – says councilor Gabriele Molendini -. So, according to them, we should wait for the elections, the first city council to validate the elected representatives, then the formation of the commissions to pass the resolution first by the commissions, in fact, and then by the city council. All this while the government itself is struggling to chase deadlines in view of the Games scheduled for June 2026. Everyone takes responsibility for their actions and their votes. Thanks to the majority, the process will continue and if everything goes well, as we hope, the works regarding the first tranche of funds allocated to our city will be able to begin by the end of this year.”

Race against time: it must be finished by June 2026

The renovation works on Via del Mare should therefore begin next December: works which are estimated to last 18 months, and therefore should end in June 2026. The project, carried out by engineers Gaspare Quarta Colosso and Matteo Mariano of M&G srl and the architect Franco Maghenzani of the Poliedro consortium, represents the first step towards the relaunch of the sports facility. If the coverage also arrives, we would finally have a cutting-edge structure that the city and fans have been waiting for for years. The word now passes to Ferrarese and the government which, also through Minister Fitto, has said it is willing to finance the work.


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