Green light for the hydrogen distributor at the logistics hub: “But for now the trucks are missing”

The rendering of the hydrogen station in via Coppalati

Sustainable mobility doesn’t just come from electric.
Large investments concern hydrogen (particularly green hydrogen, i.e. obtained using energy from renewable sources), which allows for zero-emission mobility.

This will be precisely the “fuel” that will be supplied by the refueling station to be built in Piacenza in an area of ​​eight thousand square meters in via Coppalati, in Le Mose. It will power heavy vehicles, those of the logistics hub which is at home in Le Mose, starting with the trucks of Logiccompany 3 (LC3), a transport operator which has its headquarters in Via Coppalati in Piacenza and which is involved in the green hydrogen station project. directly involved.

The main authorship is that of Edison, who over a year ago presented the proposal for a network of hydrogen distributors which obtained the resources of the Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Plan): 103.5 million for 36 stations including that of Piacenza, financed with 1.8 million.

Logicocompany 3 has entered into a partnership with Edison to give substance to the project, first of all by making available the area it owns in Via Coppalati, in front of the current methane distributor.


A choice, that of the station in our city, which is explained by the high presence of logistics operators and the strategic position from the point of view of road connections. The virtuous prospect is to supply heavy vehicles and buses for public transport with zero-emission hydrogen, which means the potentially total replacement of the fleet of vehicles present in the Piacenza logistics hub, and therefore a significant reduction in air pollution in the area.

LC3’s fleet of heavy vehicles will have a preferential refueling lane, but the station will be open to all. The work will be ready during 2025.

there is a lack of hydrogen vehicles

The important thing, however, is that at the same time the production of hydrogen vehicles accelerates: “There are none available yet – explains Michele Ambrogi, president of LC3 – we have signed an agreement with Iveco to supply us with the first five hydrogen vehicles, to date they are much more expensive technologies, we are talking about a cost of two-three times, but even up to five times, higher than diesel. It is clear that the incentives that the State will be able to put in place will have a central role in the development and commercial take-off of hydrogen”.

Certainly the benefit in environmental terms is formidable, Ambrogi points out: «Green hydrogen allows for 100% reductions in carbon dioxide, reductions compared to fossil methane, but also compared to biomethane».

green light for the project

The Piacenza project has recently received the green light from the Municipality and the other bodies sitting at the table of the Services Conference, starting with Arpae. The settlement in via Coppalati, we read in the provision of the municipal offices, “carries out the activity of a refueling station and production of green hydrogen using a single electrolyser (hrs) corresponding to the backwashing activity of osmosis/ion exchange system filters for an annual number of days worked equal to 365”.

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