Maestro Giovanni Tesauro pays homage to Salerno with four artistic works

Maestro Giovanni Tesauro pays homage to Salerno with four artistic works
Maestro Giovanni Tesauro pays homage to Salerno with four artistic works

The painter Giovanni Tesauro pays homage to the city of Salerno with four magnificent artistic works of the Crescent, the architectural complex located in the city located in the area overlooking the Trieste seafront. 59 year old, originally from Giffoni Valle Piana, but for some years he has lived in Tuscany where he teaches. He has never forgotten his origins, which continue to be sources of artistic inspiration. His works range from the city of Salerno to the skyline of the Divine Coast, from the islands of the Gulf of Naples to urban landscapes to sacred art, a kaleidoscopic of expertly mixed colors and nuances.

The works of the master Tesauro follow a well-defined trend from which any easy emotionality is banished and whose representation is based on the expression of a unique and unrepeatable moment with brushstrokes and spatula strokes, but which once identified reveal themselves to be full of exceptional expressive power.

Not improvisation, but the awareness of expressing an intellectual reflection entrusted to an extremely cultured and refined gesture, never banal, where the synthesis achieved between color and form is celebrated, complementary in the operational process, through which the artist aspires to arrive at a painting where all the parts integrate into a spherical musical whole.

Maestro Giovanni Tesauro graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, the city where he lived until 1995. In 1988 he held his first solo exhibition at the Tatou gallery in New York. In 1990 he collaborated with Richard Ginori for the creation of a mosaic in the city of Sesto Fiorentino. In 1997 he had a solo show at Ken’s Art Gallery in Florence, while in 1999 he was invited to the Rassegna Terza Voce, set up in the spaces of the Cini Foundation in Venice. The solo show at the 2M Gallery in Parma dates back to 2001, the year in which the journey that would mark his experience began; he travels the Canadian territories from Vancouver to Alaska. In 2004 he was invited to the First Biennial of Young Artists from Campania, held in Naples; the following year, the Il Catalogo gallery in Salerno organized a solo exhibition of his work.

In 2005 he was invited to the exhibition Collezione Permanente Salerno 1970-2005 set up at the Regional Fund of Contemporary Art of Baronissi, in 2007 he exhibited in the exhibition Urgenza della Città, held at the Grandi Magazzini Teatrali of Campobasso, while his works were exhibited at the XIII Biennale of sacred art. In 2008 he was again at the FRAC in Baronissi, with the solo exhibition “On The Road”. In July 2009 at the church of the Convent of San Francesco, Giffoni Valle Piana, “Maps of the postmodern megalopolis” and 2012 in Salerno, at the Tempio di Pomona with the exhibition “City Interiors with Figures”. For some years Tesauro has collaborated with the “Il Catalogo di Salerno” gallery, where some of his works are exhibited.

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