«Money to corrupt drivers to dispose of without rules»

Textile waste, construction waste, tyres. Everything ended up in the shredding plant of Tufino which, in two cases, had also blocked. The investigation coordinated by the DDA of Naples started from the report of anomalies presented by the technical director of SapNa (pm Giuseppe Visone), with the investigations conducted by the Carabinieri of the Carabinieri environmental protection and energy security group of Naples, under the orders of Colonel Pasquale Staracewho yesterday morning carried out a precautionary custody order against 12 people (10 under house arrest, 2 banned from staying), accused in various capacities of criminal association aimed at illicit waste trafficking, aggravated theft against the metropolitan city and corruption, for events that occurred between January and May of last year.

«The illicit trafficking of waste – says the colonel Starace, commander of the Noe of Naples – is a criminal phenomenon that knows no pause and this is yet another confirmation. Large quantities of special and industrial waste were disposed of to the detriment of the metropolitan city of Naples in Stir di Tufino thanks to the kindness of some public employees.” Over a thousand tons of special waste had been illegally disposed of, with a cost of more than half a million euros which had fallen on the metropolitan city, without taking into account the damage to the plant which had blocked several times and the approximately 20 thousand euros in iron coils stolen in the course of activities.

The bribes

All with a round of bribes that would have involved two companies Sarno and Carbonara di Nola who would have obtained the illicit disposal of special and industrial waste in an unauthorized manner, with great savings, in a well-organized group that had precise roles and measures to avoid controls. Same team (B) waiting for the illicit loads to arrive at the Tufino Stir, two trucks without GPS stolen by the same number of hauliers from the companies for which they worked, weighing and document checking workers who turned more than one eye, an employee to the collection and distribution of bribes, and also real mediators between companies and transporters. Everyone had their role, inside and outside the Stir di Tufino, in managing the traffic of special waste disposed of illegally within the factory owned by the company. SapNa.

The organization

From NOE checks after the complaint, it emerged that the number of compactors entering the plant with regular registration in the registers did not correspond to that of truck access recorded by the cameras and which spilled the waste. From those videos, it was clear that it was not domestic rubbish, but rather textile waste, rags, tyres, debris, soil, dust and construction waste.

At the head of the organization, the Noes have identified Michele Salvatore Esposito (driver of the Super Eco company) held together with Giuseppe D’Elia (Sapna employee) the coordinator of the drivers involved in the illicit disposal of special waste in the Stir. D’Elia would be the key figure, according to the investigators, so much so that he managed the collections of the bribes and the distribution of the illegal payments to the various men in the group. Eight other suspects ended up under house arrest with Esposito and D’Elia. It’s about Carmine Felice Aufieroemployee and driver of the cooperative Multy Service of Palma Campania: according to the accusation, he collected waste from the companies of the colluding entrepreneurs and transferred it to the Stir.

Several SapNa employees investigated: Enrico Menna, Pietro D’Afiero (crane operator), and waste weighing workers Ludovico Petrillo and of Antonio Porcarothe shift supervisor Happy Raffaele Campitiello who supervised the illicit disposals. They were the ones responsible for verifying the documents of the waste entering the plant and, therefore, for the investigators, they were the ones who allowed the arrival, unloading and departure of the compactors to take place without leaving a trace. Instead, the employee of Super Eco srl Antonio Musella was responsible for providing the drivers Michele Esposito and Francesco Somma of the compactors without geolocation and also the times in which to confer so as not to have problems, i.e. in which the employees of the Stir “team B” were present.

Finally, residence ban in Sarno and Carbonara di Nola for entrepreneurs Giovanni Moccia (Polimec srl) e Vincenzo Cesarano (Fratelli Cesarano srl), who suffered the seizure of the shares of the two companies involved. Also seal the two compactors used.


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