The penalty lottery smiles at Lodigiani! Tor Three heads eliminated

The penalty lottery smiles at Lodigiani! Tor Three heads eliminated
The penalty lottery smiles at Lodigiani! Tor Three heads eliminated


LODIGIANI Colaiacomo 6.5 (37’st E. Sanna 7.5), Cacciotti 6, Cucchiella 6.5, Lafarciola 6, Usegi 6 (29’st Isaac sv), Montagner 6 (13’st Casadei 6), Zappi 6.5 (20’st Bortoloni 6) , Filippi 6 (12’st Luttazzi 6), Petrini 6 (20’st Marenco 6), Giuliani 7, D. Sanna 6 (20’pt Rammairone 7) BENCH Cottone, Neglia TRAINER Casoli

THREE HEADED TOR De Rosa 6.5 (1’st Di Rauso 6.5), Palumbo 6 (27’st Morciano sv) (38’st Iannotti sv), Sebastiani 6.5, Picerno 6, Touadi 7, Proietti 7, Villa 6.5 (12’st Moselli 6) , Midolo 6 (9’st Di Simone 6), Coccia 7, Taffettani 6 (1’st Martinese 6), Portuondo 6.5 (32’st Bianchini sv) BENCH Dido TRAINER Ragaini

MARKERS Coccia 4’pt (T), Zappi 21’pt (L), Proietti 27’pt (T), Giuliani 30’pt (L), Rammairone 2’st (L), Touadi 18’st (T)

PENALTY SEQUENCE Coccia (T) saved; Giuliani (L) goal; Touadi (T) saved; Luttazzi (L) goal; Picerno (T) saved; Bortoloni (L) wrong; Proietti (T) goals; Casadei (L) saved; Bianchini (T) goal; Rammairone (L) goal.

REFEREE Martin of Rome 1, 6

NOTE Warned Villa, Usegi Angles 5-3 Offside 1-1 Rec. 2’pt-3’st

After the daring 3-3 with which the 70 minutes of regulation ended, in Lodigiani they defeated Tor Tre Teste, winning the penalty shootout lottery. Despite a squad made up entirely of the 2011 class, right from the start the rossoblù tried to play the game and, after thwarting a couple of interesting situations, took the lead with Coccia who was quick to steal a ball in the area and then put it behind him of the goalkeeper. The red and whites react and immediately come close to equalizing with Petrini’s right-footed shot hitting the crossbar. On the other hand, however, Colaiacomo denied the opponents’ lead by neutralizing the attempts of Coccia and Portuondo. Around the twentieth minute, De Rosa also shows off by flying to his right to deflect Cucchiella’s left-handed shot but, subsequently, is surprised by the trajectory drawn, directly from the flag, by Zappi. At the end of the half, Ragaini’s boys regained the lead thanks to Proietti’s splendid right-footed shot from distance but, shortly after, Giuliani made it 2-2 with a wonderful free kick that went under the crossbar. After just two turns of the clock during the second half, the red and whites completed the comeback with Rammairone’s header which pierced the goalkeeper on Cucchiella’s beautiful cross from the left. The rossoblù feel the blow and risk capitulating but they save themselves thanks to Di Rauso, who is very good at hypnotizing Zappi in one-on-one situations, and in the middle of the half they re-establish the balance with Touadi’s header which anticipates Colaiacomo on an incoming corner from the left. In the final, both teams try to win but the score remains unchanged until the referee’s whistle which sends the match to penalties where Sanna’s saves are decisive which gives Lodigiani qualification.

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