The TAR confirms the removal of slot machines from a hall in Trento

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A games room in Trento, located in via del Brennerowill have to remove the slot machines because they are too close to sensitive places.

This was established by the Trentino Regional Administrative Court, That rejected the owner’s appeal against the provision sent by the Municipality. At the center of the issue is the 2015 provincial law, which prohibits the installation of devices less than 300 meters from sensitive places, in this case two high schools.

The appellant argued that the calculation of distances was incorrect through the criterion of “radius. The judges’ response is that “the criterion for determining the distance from the sensitive places identified by the provincial provision is left to the technical discretion of the Municipality, which has identified it as the radius as the crow flies on the basis of the provincial circular which suggests it as a uniform criterion of application for the Trentino territory”.

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As agipronews reports, according to the TAR the provincial law “does not in any way require us to identify a precise criterion for calculating the distance in question”.

The Municipality of Trento has “demonstrated in the documentation produced in court that the different criterion of the pedestrian path would save in general terms only 4 businesses out of the 23 which are in a non-compliant situation according to the radius criterion as the crow flies“, consequentially “the criterion of the radius as the crow flies does not lead to the exclusion of an entire sector from the municipal territory, as will be better seen in the following”.

The absence of the expulsive effect was then demonstratedgiven the very small difference between the measurement of the distance determined with the criterion of the pedestrian path – of only 10 or 14 metres, depending on the school taken as reference – compared to that resulting from the criterion of the radius as the crow flies”.



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