Abuse on balconies, windows and walls: here’s how to get it right – Pescara

Abuse on balconies, windows and walls: here’s how to get it right – Pescara
Abuse on balconies, windows and walls: here’s how to get it right – Pescara

THE EAGLE. Balconies, windows and walls not in order. The Save-home decree, approved by the Council of Ministers, intervenes on cases of less serious building abuses, with construction tolerances between 2% and 5%, which can now be remedied. This is the case, for example, of a dividing wall inside the house, demolished to expand the living room or to create a bedroom for a child. With the previous legislation it was necessary for the new environment to have the minimum dimensions and the ratio of window surface, in proportion to the floor surface, compliant with both the current building regulations and those of the time of construction. With the new rules, the room to be created no longer has to be in line with the current building regulations, but only with the one in force at the time of construction. Whether the partition is demolished or built, since these are works that do not increase the usable surface area, the costs for the amnesty are modest.
If a veranda has been built without permits, i.e. the closure of a balcony with a fixed structure that creates new habitable space, the work can only be carried out with a building permit because it is a new building. Given that the abuse must not yet have been contested, the new rules make the amnesty simpler, because it is sufficient that the work was possible at the time of construction. A building permit is required and the charges will be paid based on an estimate of the increase in value of the house. Furthermore, with the new regulations, removable panoramic windows can be installed on a balcony or porch without permits, as long as they are completely transparent and allow air circulation. Awnings anchored to fixed structures can also be freely placed, if they do not create a completely closed space. As regards the illegal construction of a mezzanine in the house, if it is not used for the stay of people but is used for the purpose of storage, the amnesty was also possible with the old rules simply by presenting a Scia, since it is an extraordinary maintenance intervention . If the mezzanine is used as a study or bedroom, it is necessary to see what the building regulations in force at the time required and, in particular, the provisions regarding the height of the ceilings and the relationship between the mezzanine surface and the one below. With the new rules, compliance with the regulations at the time of construction is sufficient.
APARTMENT DIVISION Can I divide my apartment into three small properties to rent? Now it is possible, on one condition: that the property to be divided is still in the state it was in before the rules on health and hygiene characteristics were introduced in July 1975 which the building regulations can only derogate from by introducing more restrictive measures. If, however, I have an office in a condominium I can transform it into an apartment if the thousandth share of the residences is the majority, as long as the real estate unit is located from the first floor upwards. If it is on the ground floor, the change of use must be provided for by urban planning and building regulations. The Municipality can also deny permits, but has limited deadlines. If there is a building renovation carried out with the Scia, the silent consent takes effect after 30 days, with the building permit it rises to 45 days. Only if the property is subject to landscape restrictions are the times extended: 90 days for the Superintendence of Architectural Heritage and another 90 for the Municipality. The Save-home decree reduces the administrative burdens for citizens: to demonstrate the legitimate status it will be sufficient to present the title that regulated the last building intervention, even in the form of amnesty. It follows that the partial discrepancies that will be remedied will contribute to demonstrating the legitimate status of a property.

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