Calabro regrets: “We could have scored a few more goals”


Antonio Calabro says he is satisfied with his team’s performance: “It was a great match, especially at the beginning of the two halves. The first 35 minutes were played aggressively, it’s a shame we didn’t score a goal in the first half too. But we faced a superior category opponent. And in any case, in the end we could have had a greater result. The regret is that we only won 1-0. We must have the same attitude when we return.”

The Salento coach says that he always thought of scoring more than one goal: “Despite the advantage we made some changes to find other goals and not to manage the result. I try to pass on to the boys what I have in my head, the changes are in line with those of the championship.” But the esteem in their opponents is very high: “Benevento is a team made up of important elements, even if they don’t play very well, you realize that when you least expect it they can produce incredible numbers.”

Is the goal a planned action? “We work on it, we waste a lot of time on favorable places. An aspect on which there is always work to be done.” A bit of suspense after the goal: “We’re not used to VAR, waiting for the referee’s OK was a long time, we’re not used to it. I managed the warnings and physical energy. I figured that by changing 4/11ths, whoever started could give me something more in terms of brilliance”

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